AeroCase - ArduPilot Mega Case

Today, Bask Aerospace would like to announce the introduction of a new product, AeroCase.


3689415121?profile=originalThis ABS Plastic bulkhead case has been designed to work perfectly with the ArduPilot Mega System (including MediaTek GPS Module and 900MHz Xbee Telemetry). It features; CNC Machined Servo Pin and USB Holes, pre-mounted PCB stand-offs for easy ArduPilot Mega mounting and everything else you need to help protect your system. We use the same case for our popular AeroPilot so we know just how good this little case is.

For just AUD$24.95, you get everything you need to help protect your ArduPilot Mega and make it simple to integrate into many aerial platforms. Find out more >>

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    @Alan - You can simply drill a hole in the top of the box (We have marked the correct location on the inside).


    @Jason - There are no screws in this box. It uses a simple clip system and yes, this is just a simple plastic box with some cutouts, there are no magic tricks involved! I would also love to see the results of you making one of these boxes with a dremal and see how long it takes you? I think I already know though, as I have tried it. 


    @DaveyWavey - Yes, the box is quite heavy for some light airframes. It has been designed for people who want to help protect their electronics and are willing to sacrifice a bit of weight. I'm not sure what else we can do to work on it, after all it is just a box.


    @Ritchie - Thanks for the constructive message. The AeroCase also has a hole for USB but not the slide switch.


    @Sebastian - You can reset the APM by unplugging the lipo, but I guess some people like the reset button. The stand-offs don't themselves provide any vibration dampening (as Ritchie said) but the box can be mounted to provide it if need be.



    After all is said and done we are just trying to provide a product that SOME (not ALL) of the people in this community might find useful. We appreciate the questions and comments so keep them coming.

  • So I guess its just a plastic box with some cutouts...nothing special...I can do that with my dremal
  • Do you mean the white pegs? They look like expanding bolts you squeeze the board over them and they press outdated stopping it moving. No vibration dampening at all.
  • reset? simply unplug your lipo and plug it in again


    so have these stand-offs vibration dampening?

  • This is a tougher version of the wooden box DIYdrones already has on sale. It even has the same limited access but the point is protection. Anything sticking out of either box is unprotected including the reset button (if it was).

    Mounting for easy of use would seem to be critical as if the upper section was not removable from the craft only pushing the tabs would open everything which is very easy but not very protective. If top half screws down over the base section then you also need room to get you fingers in to squeeze the sides once the top is loose.

    The wooden case is as bad with its two wing nuts but it does have holes for the USB and slide switch helping reset by software. Although I'd assume the mass is almost half the ABS version.


    How much protection does the APM/ACM need I've done 30mph into the ground and the only thing that survived was the APM :S

  • It weighs 60 grams!!!! That's a whole load of weight.... Nice idea but needs work I think.
  • guys, i think it is possible to reset the board from ftdi pins. but you need to solder wires directly to the IMU or APM.


  • And then screw them back again. Very convenient! :)

  • You unplug your cables, unscrew it then hit the reset :)
  • 3D Robotics
    how do you reset the board?
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