AeroVironment Hummingbird on the cover of Time

From a Time blog post on the photographer: 

New York photographer Jamie Chung spent two and a half weeks shooting the Hummingbird—among a handful of other inventions, including the artificial leaf and a $100,000 razor—for the annual Invention Issue. “It was inspirational,” Chung says of the project. “Meeting the inventors was the best part. They’re totally comfortable with their nerddom, but so am I, so we had a lot of fun together.”

AeroVironment lead engineer Matt Keennon brought the Hummingbird to Chung’s studio, where the photographer shot it in several positions. The remote-controlled device weighs just 0.66 ounces, allowing it to go where humans can’t, be it spying or scouting out safe spots in combat zones. “It’s crazy to think something so pretty is used for something so dangerous,” Chung said. Indeed, who knew the canary in the coal mine would turn out to be a Hummingbird?


(Via BoingBoing)

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Comment by on November 18, 2011 at 3:40pm

Always fascinated at how they managed to make something that can be remote controlled with a wireless camera that weighs just 0.66 ounces.  Anyone know about the flight time?

Comment by Ellison Chan on November 19, 2011 at 12:34pm

Oh no!  Did they pluck all the feathers of a live hummingbird to make it? ;-)


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