AGV update

Update 5.20.10


This idea came to me in math class when i was talking to one of my friends about this robot.

So whats new? BUTTONS!

I added 2 buttons. The one on the right is for storing waypoints. Now all i have to do is push the button and it stores the current location as a waypoint. This is done to store all the waypoints. There is also a LED that lights up to show that it is storing a waypoint. When you are done storing waypoints, then push the left button and the AGV drives the waypoint path. So no more must i lug my laptop around and read the serial monitor, write down the gps points, upload the gps points to the arduino. I now just push these little buttons which i took from a old rc controller from a cheap toy. When i am able to test this at my test site, i will add a better video of it driving in the comments below so be on the look out for it.

Here is the full post on my AGV from start to finish

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  • Video at the park with the buttons for waypoint setting.
  • Developer
    Greg, I have added your code to AP_2.6 works OK, but there is problem with Stabilize, FBW, and Auto
    I also need to add several menus for more gains, but need an example.
  • You may use rf link to give commands to ur robot instead of pressing switch on robot itself . Can do it by wireless, will be much better isn't it.
  • Yup this is something i would expect to be in the ardupilot code some day, or something like it.
  • I have been doing this first with the rc Tx an now with the ardustation for a while now. I need to refine the code for 2.6. I have it working for 2.4. I can also upload PID gains. I too don't want to be fiddling with a laptop while flying/watching the plane. My Tx has been modified for this. I still have Tx capability to save the present waypoint
    or I can use the Ardustation. You can't press a button on a flying plane. ;)
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