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3689605134?profile=originalOne of the things that thrills me the most is watching the ecosystem grow around the APM/Pixhawk platform, ranging from simple cloners to the most advanced value innovators. An example is the new and very impressive Follow-me copter projects on Kickstarter, all of which are based on the Pixhawk/PX4 platform. We're supporting all of them and love them all equally, but the first one we've announced a formal collaboration with is the AirDog team, to work together on next-gen follow and autonomous video capture technology. Stay tuned for more!

Here's AirDog's announcement:

Last week on July 3rd, AirDog team members convened at the labs of 3D Robotics (3DR) in Berkeley, California and signed a cooperation contract.

Over the next few weeks, several of AirDog’s key engineers will be transitioning into the 3DR labs in order to collaborate closely with 3DR on advanced drone technologies.

The makers of the AirDog are committed to creating the best auto-follow drone. The innovative partnership with 3DR is a crucial part of maintaining this commitment.

AirDog uses the Pixhawk autopilot hardware component, which is provided by 3DR. Pixhawk is an open source flight controller, which integrates with all the onboard electronics of the AirDog. 3DR has an ambition to become one of the leading drone technology platform providers in the world.

Edgars Rozentals, CEO of Helico said, "By being closer to each other, we have access to a Pixhawk platform development roadmap. It will make it much easier to fully focus on the development of our business level application — an auto-follow drone and obstacle avoidance solution. Our goal is to develop personal drones that have excellent user experience and powerful software that delivers what we have promised. The 3DR technology platform creates a solid base for the goal to be achieved”

"The talented team behind AirDog have a clear technology and business vision. We're delighted to welcome them as a premier adopter of the 3DR platform and look forward to working with them to combine our technologies for an unprecedented flight and video experience," commented Chris Anderson, CEO and co-founder of 3DR.

The wider community of drone engineers, innovators, thinkers, and fans are eager to see what new technologies, inventions, and creativity will come from the AirDog + 3DR cooperation.


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  • Will airdog open source?

  • @Jack at Fotokite we're not hating life at all. Actually we're all very impressed by the AirDog video/campaign and are really excited to see their product in the wild!! Love the folding design and the logo :-)

  • Yes, i know its available. My question is assuming new features are added with airdogs development, will we get them too?
  • @Jonathan

    I've been flying Follow-Me for over a year now on my APM copter. It's available for everyone.
  • It's basically what Prioria robotics does, licensing functionality from other suppliers.  The other suppliers pay for all the development, take all the risk, but benefit from having a reseller channel. 

  • Will the follow me developments and features be available to the open source community and be available to those of us that use APM/Pixhawk but not with Airdog?

    It would be a shame if fancy follow me features were limited only to those who bought that particular product.

  • Is this "Pixhawk platform development roadmap" available to the rest of the community?

  • Moderator

    Very cool - I've been following the Airdog / Hexo battle of the drones on Kickstarter.

  • That is awesome! So are we going to be seeing something along the lines of Googles project tango? This is some revolutionary stuff, the key is getting the on-board image processing. Talk about bleeding edge...

    It was nice to see Chris in the Project Tango promotional video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qe10ExwzCqk

  • 3D Robotics

    Hexo+ is awesome! As I said, stay tuned!

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