Bryan, TX

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I am interested in use of UAVs for remote sensing experimentation.


Bryan, TX

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Eric Schall commented on Chris Anderson's blog post AirDog and 3D Robotics team up on next-gen Follow-me copters
"Is this "Pixhawk platform development roadmap" available to the rest of the community?"
Jul 9, 2014
Eric Schall replied to Matt's discussion Auto inflation device - do they exist?...
"I recently looked into these after someone mentioned them in the comments of this post. All I could find were the CO2 cartridge for flotation devices. There seem to be manual ones where you pull a cord to activate them, and automatic one with a…"
Sep 5, 2013
Eric Schall commented on Randy's blog post Dropping a Rover from Hexacopter - Part III
"Why does Mission Planner use SRTM data? The USGS elevation set with global coverage was GTOPO30 until it was superseded a few years ago by GMTED2010. GMTED2010 has 7.5 arc-second resolution everywhere except the poles, and for the south pole is has…"
Aug 23, 2013
Eric Schall posted a discussion
I finally had enough free time to set up the APM2.5 I bought almost a year ago and install Mission Planner. I've been re-familiarizing myself with the software. I see where to change distance and speed units in the "Planner" menu, but I do not see…
Aug 17, 2013
Eric Schall replied to Cala's discussion Aerial Photograph for agriculture purposes
"Ive been thinking about the same issue as well. Id like to capture images in VNIR in order to calculate NDVI and other metrics. Most of the available cameras are visible spectrum only and have a Bayer filter (2 green: 1 red: 1 blue) and an IR…"
Jul 17, 2012