Hi,beginning of next month I plan to visit Airtec (especially UAV and Heli world exhibitions)http://www.airtec.aero/english/the-airtec/http://www.airtec.aero/documents/Dokumente/2009/090715_a4flyer_uav_world.pdfMostly for fun and take some pictures.Anybody have been before on this exhibition or plan to go this year?Seems to be interesting and is close to Frankfurt-Hahn (Ryanair, so it is cheap :-). Entrance fee is 23Euros(for three days), but conferences and exhibition are quite expensive.Delete the message if it seems offtopic.BR,Dimitar
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  • Hi,
    actually I made a Diydrones T-shirt :-) and intend to wear it. Propose you meeting place on the main entrance of exhibition (if it is a single entrance....) everyday from exhibition between 12-12.15 lunch time. Otherwise look for a big boy with white Diydrones t-shirt or drop me a mail. Hope we finish some beers there.

  • You are welcome Vassilis :-)
    Think we can arrange some meeting around lunch time on the exhibition entrance or well known place - I never been there before. Welcome to drop me mail and fix time and place - dkolev@hotmail.com
    Regards, Dimitar
  • I will also visit Airtec and i am a fun of Diydrones. May i also drink a beer with you? I will be very happy to meet and exchange ideas and experience!
  • OK Peter, should I wear a Diydrones t-shirt :-), so we can drink a beer there. Hope more can come - can make a mini Diydrones jamboree

  • Hello Dimitar,

    i will visit the Airtec !

  • Hi Michael,
    I am going to visit exhibition only - seems to be 23Euros. Going from Sweden to Germany and back is 50Euro more with Ryanair. I am not going to pay for hotel since I have a friend in Manheim, but small hotel or even hostel is a option. Rail transport is a bit expensive, but I think I can live with this. Never been on Airtec before, that's why I am asking too. Don't count good ideas and contacts I can get from there.
  • Hi Dimitar,

    Sounds very interesting, But spending 450 euro's for conferences and exhibitions are not really an option.
    Do you know if its interesting enough to go to airtec without partipicitate in the readings and conferences.

    Regards, Michel
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