AlceOSD - Graphical OSD for APM/PX4



Due to the limitations of minimosd, for some time that I've been working on developing a new OSD for APM/PX4.

As of today, AlceOSD 0v3 is available for sale at:

Firmware available at:

Documentation is available at (WIP):

The firmware is open source project so all kind of contributors are welcome!

Let me know your thoughts and new ideas for the OSD!

Latest flight (hw 0v2):

First flight (hw 0v1):

Batch of the first 10 prototype boards:


Assembled board (2.5 x 5.0 cm, 6 grams weight):


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  • You guys are really doing some cool stuff!  Excellent work.  As soon as the color version is ready I'm all in!

  • Finally a "decent" video capture. Almost no wind, testing pre-0v3 firmware.

    It's a full flight video - from power up to landing (shows the boring stuff also: apm initializing and osd home locking).

  • HI Luis,

    We are certainly sure that your work will be great and fruity payable. We were waiting for someone like you to make the changes on the OSD to stay at the same level of the AP progress.

  • Thanks Andy.

    Some people are getting one of these soon. Hopefully they will be able to share videos showing different layouts than mine.

    Jake, about color it really requires a different hardware that what I've done and for now I'm not planning to do develop it (and like I said before, I don't really see the need for color on this things). Anyway, as you know Vector is an (expensive) standalone flight controller - and not for APM/PX4.

  • Developer

    Luis. The Home map looks great!



  • Developer

    Hey Jake,

    Ive never seen a Vector. Do you have one? If so what can you see on the Circuit board. What IC's etc. It would certainly be interesting to know what tech the Vector is using.



  • How much does the color upgrade cost?  And when will it be available?

    I'd like to support open source, and don't want to wait too long, but the Vector already has color, so I really can't compromise!

  • Windows updater tool available now.

    It should allow to update and configure the OSD.

  • HI Luis, 

    Great work, is there a way we can have this layout showing on this attached video?

    We tried many options and we found this is the easiest way to see where is the plane.

  • Today I was able to do another quick flight.
    It was windy and my video reception was a piece of crap.

    The radar shows home and take off direction, meaning that if you takeoff in the same direction as the actual landing field, it will feel like if you have an imaginary landing spot (ILS) in the radar.

    Here is the video:

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