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We have just been informed that one of our members Alfred Riopel has past after following a "protracted battle with cancer."  

His obituary can be found here.

Some snippets from the article: 

In a recent note from one retired NASA engineer regarding Alfred's input to the Energy & System Design Group UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), he commented, "Al was an integral part of the recent development of the EyeFly coaxial helicopter UAV. Not only did Al use his flying expertise to do check-flights with the UAV, but was instrumental in helping with the preliminary design of the stability and control system necessary to obtain successful flight status for this unusual flying platform. His technical input, friendly guidance and expert flying capabilities will be sorely missed."

Alfred's social life revolved around his life-long passion for radio control (RC) hobby vehicles and aircraft (and, of course, his "big boy's toys"). He delighted in sharing others' excitement of discovery and accomplishment, as well as his own, and is remembered by many as a mentor and friend. Indeed, he also viewed many of his colleagues as mentors and friends, particularly the members of the Newport News Park RC Club (NNPRCC), his "second family."

For those in the Newport News area:

At the invitation of Al, himself, and with the kind cooperation of the Newport News Park RC Club, in lieu of a funeral service, come to the Al Riopel Memorial Fun Fly on June 2, 2012, at 8 a.m., at Newport News Park RC flying field, located off Richneck Road. Full military honors will kick off the event. Bring your RC planes and helicopters, fly, have fun and remember Al!

Thank you to Robert Riopel for taking the time to let us know.

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  • only the soul leaves the body. soul is eternal. it never dies. his inspirations will always be with us. i live in india but what a coincidence. i spent time in norfolk (sister city of newport news). while doing my MS in structural engineering at ODU in norfolk, i worked as a research assistant at NASA's Langley Research Centre. small world,  big dreams to chase! may his soul be in peace.

  • I know that I have found a number of his posts helpful as well. "Liked it"! There are lots like him here, but we need more like him here on this forum!!

    Fly high and keep the Gyros level Al!

  • Rest in peace Al!
  • Moderator

    Al's posts were always smart, informative and friendly.  He'll certainly be missed. +1 what Ellison said, Happy Flying Al!

  •  Sounds like Al was doing it right.  We are only on this planet a mere 100 revolutions around the Sun When some one Special passes on it makes  you realize what really matters adjust and go on .  

  • I just gave Al a "Thumbs Up" salute with the "Liked it!" button.  May he always have blue skies to fly in wherever he is now!

  • Wow, Al sounds like a real good guy.  I like the idea of no flowers, but donations to charity.  That's the way I'll go, when the time comes.  Sorry to see a fellow flyer leave us.

  • 3D Robotics

    Very sorry to hear that. He was a real expert in this area and was very generous in sharing it with this community. He will be missed. 

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