All Aluminum Arducopter (Triple A)


The Arduino/Arducopter  is a notable project . Actually the ratio price/quality is very good.

But looking at the frame it is clear that some points can be improved: motor mounts, landing ski and GPS holder.

Working with a local company and using aluminum and laser technology we design and manufactured new parts for the Arducopter .

With this changes the new “silver Arducopter “  is more rigid, has a little bit less vibration and is more stable. The increase of weight is marginal.

And  Last but not least the Arducopter became a real UFO.

3689394492?profile=original3689394626?profile=originalAnd the video:

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  • Sure Ken

    Plastic is easier to work

    But we have state of art technology with premier cutting machine.

    So aluminum is not a problem.

    Price is what you mean in your comment.

    Our tests show that we are very competitive. ( When we lok at market)


  • As a former member of the frame development team, I like your approach. My choice was for all aluminum parts, but that didn't work out and plastics won out. Got any better pictures of how you've attached the landing gear to the arms?
  • Ah...copyright.....disappointing Im sure for many here. Well, those pictures are just good enough to inspire some custom plans, it will just take a bit more time..

  • Excelente, muito bem pensado e executado, parabéns. Se for vender, peço a gentileza de me avisar.
  • Thank you for all comments.


    This is still a prototype and now we are carrying out field tests.


    We are using aluminum sheet from 0,8 to 2 mm.

    Regarding the motor mounts we do not have problems but will reinforce the landing skis and will do other changes. Crash tests are underway!


    I can post the files but some, like motor mounts, are copy from DIYDrones. So they are already available.


    Yes we plan to sell the parts! But our plan is to work as a vendor, or a supplier to a main company. That means not selling direct to the public.


    We respect the copyrights and the projects. No plans to became pirates....!


    Another point, important point, is the prices. We are doing our best to have  good prices and it seems we are in  the good way.

  • I to would love the files to cut my own!
  • Developer

    Nice frame, looks sturdy without being to heavy. Only thing I did not like was the long motor shafts with prop adapters at the end. I think they will bend to easy. I prefer the type of prop adapters that mount directly to the motor housing. Much stronger then a motor shaft. Most of the HobbyKing motors come with such adapters.


  • Moderator
    looks good... any chance you might be selling these?
  • Nice design. I, too, am I fan of aluminum and currently fly an aluminum Arducopter. Can you post the dxf files for your two motor mount pieces and the dome pieces? I would like to see if I could make those on my CNC.
  • What stock/thickness and alloy is that Al sheet?
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