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  • Ahmed, i am talking about delta wing with a friend but i am some doubts:

    Delta wing need reflex like zagi or other flywing ?

    How are the tests of you delta wing ? how many km it fly with one battery ?


  • Thanks for the comment the parachute is under the plane which fall out due to gravity in this case it is deployed 99% with success. If you are trying to eject it from upside it will cause trouble and success rate is low there is also a small drogue chute to help parachute deployed properly. Hope this help you.

  • Looks like a drogue chute? I am trying to get my parachute deployment working, can you please post how you are getting such nice results? Very nice plane!!!

    Thank you!

  • good efficiency! can you tell which prop are you using? thanks!

  • realy nice wing.

    i have 2 wings with motor in the front. Its realy much easy and secure to takeoff.

    In my specific job, i need motor in the rear because i land in inhospitable area and my fly wing not have parachute.

  • Airframe only is around 2700 grams and cruise at less than 200watts its low speed handling is very good and has low drag. Camera is under belly pod.

  • Nice, must be meant for high speeds due to lower aspect ratio. Can you provide weight and power specs?

  • will start production soon also will do foam model for it.

  • We have made a mold for it.

  • nice

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