All new Hubsan H107D+ With Alt. Hold.



Hubsan announced it's new models for their mini quadcopter product range, one of them is H107D+. It's announced on January,however; it is not fully available neither online or on site, not even a curtain release date. Currently only a UK Company sells it online and on site. I got mine from their Peterborough store with price tag 169 GBP. 

Unlike H107D, D+ has a different control mechanism. Throttle stick is centered just like Aileron/Elevator stick. To fly it you first arm it with a stick configuration than you raise the Throttle more than %50 percent. As soon as you release the Throttle stick it tries to hold it's altitude. As an Engineer i could not stop my self to open and see the electronics inside. From the photos above it has a outstanding build quality. As you can guess barometric pressure sensor is covered with foam to read more accurate pressure sensing.

I had i couple of flights with it both indoors and outdoors. Battery lasts ~6 Min,which you charge it via usb on quad.It has a special battery and battery compartment, no more plugging cables. I like this compact military design. Indoor flights are not as perfect as 107D or X4 because alt. hold mode can't hold the altitude rock steady, it oscillates within 20cm up and down at a low frequency to manage it's altitude . On outdoors, it's much more stable and fun to fly. Video feed range is very good, it can hover in a point where you can barely see it without loosing transmission. 

You can start stop video recording and take photos from TX. Video quality is good day/night (with 720P resolution).My overall opinion on D+ is it requires firmware update to fly much more stable and solve rare bugs, i hope that usb connector build this in mind.

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  • Alex, yes the usb port is on the controller side and currently used for charging the battery. Yes there is another board for fpv and video recording. It has a wide angle lens as well.
  • So this has on board recording + FPV?

    It looks like the USB port is on the flight controller, is there just one other board for FPV/video recording?
    It looks like they've finally put a wide angle lens on the camera too.

  • Today i tested it outside with a little bit of wind, it could not handle the wind, It definetelly needs brushless motors. Kinda disapointed.

  • Gary, agreed. This craft is not worth the $ IMHO for brush motors.

    Brushed is fine for less than 150_mm frames if it's a BNF.  I run 'em until they die, then toss it on the shelf.  By the time motor dies, the frame's beat, the battery are puffed, and the antenna is kaddy-wompered.

    Lack of bearings just means less dog hair to clean.

  • Pretty impressive little device. I love Hubsan quads for their fun and durability. All of the ones I have are flown hard, beat to pieces, and just keep coming back for more.
  • Thank You for this tear down Mustafa.

    I had seen an announcement of this copter but it was not clear whether it used brushless or brushed motors, your tear down clarifies that they are brushed.

    One of the things that keeps most really small copters out of the potentially practical for serious hobby and possibly even commercial use.

    DC brushed motors just burn out too fast because of the brushes.

    The main thing holding back great tiny quadcopters is lack of good tiny brushless motors (with good bearings too).

    Best Regards,


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