Altium DXP version of APM 2.5 design

Hi All

I have just finished moving the design of the APM2.5v2 PCB to Altium AD13 and have attached it here. This will only work with the latest version of Altium (version 13)

the parts have been made into a library as well.

Please use the original EAGLE files as you primary reference, as I cannot be sure that I transferred everything correctly.


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  • Developer

    No prob :)  by hand would have been a massive job :)  It was bad enough that it imported as a 2 layer PCB :)

  • My bad.  I thought it was a done by hand.  Just thought I would point out possible problem areas.

  • Developer

    @ Artem Grigoryev 

    the file is a direct import of the Eagle files, each of the library footprints may need editing to be exactly right.  

    If you have a look at your APM2.5, you will see that there is not much clearance between those items.  That is a fixed distance though if you wish to fit in the current case design.  All clearances are at least 0.125mm (5mil)  though most are 0.254mm (10mil)

    I have no intention of this file being used to make boards, but it is really handy for understanding the workings of the PCB if you want an APM2.5, and you value the rest of your UAV, get it from 3DRobotics.

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    yeah, it cost me nearly 5K

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    Heh, I just went to check the price, and got the ever-ominous

    Contact our sales team

    We'll contact you to talk about the needs of your organization.
  • The header footprint on the top right ingresses on the footprint of the screw hole (exclusion zone for the screw head). There also seem to be insufficient clearance between some surface mount components footprints.

  • Developer

    Thanks :) love the design rules, it makes it nice and easy to make major changes without much risk.

    Just don't like the price :( but it's paid for now, so I just need to get over it :)

  • Nicely done Philip!! I've been using Altium lately, and i love the software!! :)


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