As part of my plane to create a simple, solid Arducopter frame, I have had a number of parts laser cut in 2mm 6082 aluminium from the original Arducopter frame design by the DIYD team.




The parts have come back a little more "bashed up" than I expected, but apparently that's normal, they just need a clean-up with something abbrasive.


I had trouble opening the DXF files in the SVN. In the end I opened them in Microsoft Visio, saved them as Autocad files and then exported them back into DXF files from within Autocad after I tweaked the legs etc not to need the dome. The laser cutters seemed to need the DXF files in the 2004 format attached.


I can't verify anything fits (they've just arrived and I'm in the office), but for those feeling brave the DXF files I used are attached for anyone that wants them.










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  • The problem with using nylon fasteners is that will stretch over time. Sure they'll shear in a crash but I doubt that it would save much. I use steel hardware on my frames and lock nuts. I also don't use thin wall square tubing that will collapse in a minor crash.
  • Good point SciFly, I added an extra screw on the legs, but the grovve needs to be filed in if needed. I doubt its a big issue but may well be wrong.

    Ken, ive really learnt something today, thank you. That material looks a lot thinner than 2mm?
  • If you used nylon or PC hardware on most of the parts, then they would act as convenient shear points, saving the more costly and important components. A note about those parts vs the arducopter ones, they lack grooves for arms so the leg screws would bear all of the weight, rather than the legs.The same goes for the ponoko ARDUCOPTER parts people have been ordering. I suppose people will have to cut their own grooves on a dado equipped table saw
  • I believe it was 6061 and I'll have to check old emails to see what the cost of the anodizing was. This was done on a CNC Punch by a company in Arkansas. They do great work.
  • Ken thats really nice!

    Was anodizing expensive? What aluminium did you use?

  • davey check this links out

    Powder Coating
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  • @Hoverx: 212 grams minus any dome or arms.
  • OMG! 2mm thick aluminium 8-) About atomic-bomb proof quad? How much does it weight?
  • Thanks Martin!

    Yes can bring on 12th no problem. Will hopefully be in the air before then!

    Will keep you in mind on the hardware front!
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