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HoverX commented on Vinicius Juvinski's blog post Pocket Drone Landing Gear
"H   E    A    V    Y"
Feb 25, 2015
HoverX replied to Pierre Gibouin's discussion 3DRobotics temporarily stops shipments outside of US and Canada
"You should assume that if 3DR has been forced to stop exporting specific goods, it would be also illegal for your family to export those goods.

Come on, stupid rules are meant to be by-passed..."
May 11, 2014
HoverX commented on Gerard Toonstra's blog post The European Commission has today proposed to set tough new standards to regulate the operations of civil drones
"@ Stefan: Being a French citizen, in one of the worst bureaucratic country in the world, I can testimony that this is going to generate more troubles than benefits for the DIYers!"
Apr 8, 2014
HoverX commented on Damian Axford's blog post 3DR Hexacopter - maiden flight to wipeout in 4 days
"Wow! Holly Crap, how can you fly next to a small child?"
Oct 30, 2012
HoverX commented on Christiaan van Vollenstee's blog post Hover Bike
"It flips, you die..."
Aug 23, 2012
HoverX commented on DaveyWaveyBunsenBurner's blog post Aluminium Arducopter parts - first attempt!
"OMG! 2mm thick aluminium 8-) About atomic-bomb proof quad? How much does it weight?"
May 13, 2011
HoverX commented on bGatti's blog post President Promises to restructure exports controls
"Outdated yes, certainly. This is why we Europeans can't buy parts like Mem's gyros at Digikey US at decent prices because of export restrictions while the same parts are available here (but more expensive)."
Jan 28, 2010