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  • It flips, you die...

  • I also think it is just ground effect keeping it in the air.

  • Moderator

    Would hate to fall off (into the rotors).

  • looks like a  hoover craft without the skirt.

  • The flightlog link provided by Brent says that take-off torque is a problem. I wonder is they are using counterrotating props?

  • According to the blog no stabilization or software. That would probably only be possible in ground effect.

  • That will be sooooo awesome. I will build one then :)

  • Developer

    We've been working with Chris Malloy/AU to create APM controlled hoverbike from his original Hover bike. Let's see if that will see daylight someday :)

  • I can only imagine how insanely loud that thing would be, very cool too! Reminds me of the storm trooper hover bikes from Star Wars.
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