3DRobotics temporarily stops shipments outside of US and Canada


I have received the following email from 3DRobotics last night, my Iris quadocopter was already in France, at Fedex office for a delivery at home on monday. 3DRobotics say they cancel my order and will refund me, rhis mean they will ask Fedex to send back to product to the US, why such a decision for all customers ? Why cancelling a shipement when the parcel is nearly at your home ?

Here is the email I have received from 3DR


Thanks for your order with 3DR. We're writing to let you know that, due to a temporary change in our shipping policies, we're unable to ship orders outside of the US and Canada. We'll be cancelling and refunding your order immediately. We're very sorry for the inconvenience, and we'll let you know when we can resume shipments to your country.

If you have any questions or would like to make modifications to your order, write to us at help@3drobotics.com or call our support line at +1 (858) 225-1414, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm PST.


The 3DR Team
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I got the same email. We are a reseller so fortunately we have good stock of all products. Please contact me if your Iris is sent back :-)

Why they do this is completely beyond me. Just phase out one shipping company while migrating to the new one.


Sounds like a mixup. I'll have the team look into that order and address ASAP.

This smells like the land of the "free" went bananas again.

Time to pull get all the source and schematics before more freedom is being practiced.

Hi Chris
Could you please confirm shipping to Australia will be offered again?

Hi Chris i recived same message yesterday what happen ? We cannot place order as reseller ? Why ? 




That's funny but true. You made me laugh.:-)

I think it now means free stuff for those who don't want to work. I think there's a word for it, oh yeah, socialism.

Sorry, I didn't mean to get all political.

Steven USA, the land of the "free".

Hi Chris

Apparently you do also have some "funny" guys there, because yesterday, when I asked CS about this and about purchasing PixHawk Accessories, I was told to go to HobbyKing.

direct copy/paste from the email I received:


We did see an order you attempted to place today. We still don't know how long this restriction will last, hopefully no more than a month. We can get back to you once we know how is going to be. If you're looking for spare parts, we recommend www.hobbyking.com, It's a pretty good website that offers a variety of products.



Wow, that's a new low.

april first was a while ago....

Well I got approved for a warranty return, only to be sent a similar email to the above.

Do I open up a dispute with paypal or wait? Anyone know whats going on?

I'm going to GUESS that the US State Department put the kybosh on 3dr exporting.

That's pretty bad support when there are other 3DR distributors.  I hope that is not true.

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