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  • HoverX, you said exactly what I was going to say. This was a pain when building the Booz boards and meant we paid a lot more than people in the US pay for their parts, we sourced the gyros from China but it cost more for the parts and a bit more for the shipping. We could have taken perhaps $35 to $40 off the cost to the community (we don't sell these at profit) if it wasn't for the export controls and ironically we got them from China.
  • Yeah like export restrictions prevented 911 from happening...and won't stop another in the future. Utter nonsense. If goods are freely available to the US public then they are essentially availbale to the rest of the world - one way or another.
  • Outdated yes, certainly. This is why we Europeans can't buy parts like Mem's gyros at Digikey US at decent prices because of export restrictions while the same parts are available here (but more expensive).
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    Well your supposed to have a special agreement with the UK and Australia but have stopped that, more than happy for technology to flow from the rest of the world in.... Just like the jet......
  • I think a lot of export controls are outdated and need to be rethought.
    Look at the history of crypto and how it was considered munitions (probably still is)
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    Guys, please. No politics here. Don't make me shut down this thread.
  • giving eloquent, if empty speeches is a good way to get noticed.
    making bat-shit crazy rants on the internet, not so much. ahem.
  • Can't believe someone still notices him talking.
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