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  • The cows are pretty tough here in Dakota Territory ... our steak is reminiscent of beef jerky with color.
  • It does happen though and insurance can cover it.
  • I was trying to make a joke.
  • Only if your other insurance doesn't cover it and you are following AMA safety rules.
  • Craig, does AMA insurance cover the cow?
  • Moderator
    NO fences where I fly... just moose, trees, and eagles.
  • Agree Bill,

    Where I intend to fly the most serious thing that could happen would be to lose control for whatever reason and inadvertently fly into a cow, or a fence. 

  • Who tells the bird, it can't fly into my window? life is a risk, live it or die wondering why you didnt...


    edit: Reminiscent of days past; when unmanned aviation was just getting started...

    Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jeane at the time) worked in UAV's as seen here.




  • As a foot note, then I promise to be done here, I don't belong to the AMA, as I have said before. It's not because I have anything against them or their members. It's just where I fly I have no need to belong. I am fortunate to be able to fly where I do. I'm not going to put out where I do fly, I don't want to draw people there, but believe me, there is nothing there for miles...............and miles.
  • I agree with what you say Allen, but in history, there are those that have always been timid, so to speak, and afraid of progress. But there are always those that will boldly take risks to achieve their goals. If we didn't have those bold people, we would still be swinging in trees.


    Like I have said before, I don't advocate breaking any laws, but there are times when a person will do what they have to do to complete a experiment that has been burning in their being.


    I will continue to fly where I do, and do my experiments. I will not do them if there is any risk to body or property, but I will continue to do them.

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