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  • Anything can be abused.
  • I think for the most part this video is pretty accurate but their video of "The Goldman Sachs" is painfully abusive of reality.
  • Yeah but like so many things that have been used for good it can also be abused.
  • Traditionaly, comedy was used to tell the truth without being persecuted.

    Johnny Carson, SNL, Smothers Brothers etc. said alot that would have gotten non-comedians a stint in Levenworth or a mysterious death..

    The tradition is still very much alive.

  • argh.
    These guys lost all credibility with some of their past videos. All they do is find a(added) certain point(used to say points)point and spin it for comical value. Funny yes but never trusted.
  • "Bring a trash bag."  Bahahahaa!  That's awesome.
  • Cute vid but considering that 2 million people are buying $2-4 billion worth of RC products every year, and only 140K members in the AMA and not all of them need a club, I think the opposite is true. The only major incidents  in the past year were with AMA members, not some guy coming out of an LHS with out a clue. In truth I find more clueless "experts" than brainless novices. In fact the number of major incidents reported to the AMA insurance has doubled in the last couple years. Seems the "experts" are getting more dangerous.

  • @Duane Brocious: They tried doing that and then saying that we couldn't ride there since the "owned" the land. We just made sure cattle were in that BLM pasture every weekend...
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    Excellent, it does show the expectation that being able to buy stuff brings. There are no shortcuts in any form of aviation! The trouble with that video is so many times I have seen people like that. In the end you just have to let them crash. In the days when the only place to go was the RC store, the really good shops would gently steer you away from dumb purchases.
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