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  • Probably because everyone knows someone who's gone for the money.

    When I was an active duty Marine, I was driving down the highway and some lady cut in front of a semi truck and got hit.  I saw the whole thing.  I gave the truck driver my info.  The lady was walking around, pretty angry, but didn't appear injured.


    About 6 months later his lawyer asked me to appear in court.

    I walked in, in uniform, and when the "injured" lady was in a wheelchair.

    Her lawyer saw me they dropped the case.  She walked to her car from the front of the courhouse.

  • Nice to see, that so many people that do not have the details, of the accident, and weren't there are ready to jump all over the injured as a money grubbing person. I wasn't there either, but at least wait until all the facts are out or you get a first hand account of what happened, before you jump all over these people.
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    Don't you have to have AMA qualifications to fly at events over there?? You need a BMFA A or B cert to fly at public events in UK.
  • The only thing on that woman's mind is $$$$
    Sad event and I'm sure he is guilty over his control (or lack there of). Yet another example of the lawsuit society in the US
  • Although I am sure the womans pain is real, something tells me she is out of work like so many other Americans and is just looking for a payday from an insurance company.  I am fairly new to flying to flying rc planes but know that crap happens, even to experienced pilots, ie fast wind changes mechanical failure signal interference.  I would not be suprised if I was at a show and a plane hit me.  


    The thing that really gets me is that article doesnt talk about any hospitalization, doctors, or an actual diagnosis, just that the woman has an issue with her left shoulder.  I am an american and I think this country has a real problem with sue happy people looking for a pay day.


    I do think that any pilot should have some time an experience before flying at show.  The AMA should drop a requirement for 1 year of registration with them before you can fly at a show.  I love my plane and would enjoy flying for spectators, but I am myself inexperienced and wouldnt want to fly around a large group of spectators yet because I can admit I still lack the experiences needed to deal with certain loss of control situations.


    Anyway thats a newbies take on that article...

  • John Edwards wannabees.
  • No details as to what really happened, but my first impression is that this is a money grab lawsuit brought forth by a pair of ambulance chasers.


    The AMA will probably settle for an undisclosed sum and the "victim" will make a miraculous recovery.  Standard procedure.

  • I think you will find hundreds and thousands of lawsuits of this kind where an insurer (in this case AMA) is pulled to court (many more probably in the car accident "department" :-). It´s a big buisness in the US, isn´t it?

    The only interesting thing is if the accusation of an unexperienced pilot will be important... This could lead to more strict examination of pilots...

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