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  • Ok, in fairness guys, you are basically throwing the quads up, and flat.  Not really the same kind of test at all.

  • Ok, not a throw, but more like a toss.  Early last year.  Running much older and less developed ACM firmware.  Been following this project for some time.  I have used various full and semi-autonomous flight controllers. What is coming out of 3Dr is hands down the best bang for your buck.  It has certainly come a long way, and the features keep coming.  A properly setup and tuned APM1 or 2 can easily hold its own against such one time heavyweights as the Procerus Kestrel autopilot for a mere fraction of the cost.  Kudos to the community and 3D robotics!:)

  • Of course those DJI frames are super stiff with a lot of bracing.  I don't trust that my aluminium tail boom arms would be able to handle that much torque on it.  I'm not sure about the the 3DR frames.

  • Developer

    Ellison, yep i know. I have seen few NAZA's flying. But you also need to remember that NAZA cannot do any navigation/auto take-offs/landings and things like that. It's just mainly a flight stabilization system. Could we be better, sure always and thats what we are aiming on whole development group. 

    NAZA is fully closed system so you cannot do anything for it, ArduCopter software is fully open so everyone can change it as per their likings

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    Oh my goodness... Just checking some old videos and it's almost 2 years ago when we made this video... :)

    Ok tossout on beginning was not so strong like in original 2.1 AQ video but still.. Hey it's 2 years ago with ArduCopter v1.0 software :)

  • Jani, that's how my Naza is flying right now. Goes up, comes down.  My battery is just just not able to handle the hexa with the heavy 550 frame.

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    Fab, yes of-course we can do it and that's the whole idea. It's my responsibility to crash as much as we can in here to make these better for you all so you guys don't need to crash.

    Just like some of our old test videos for original ArduCopter almost 2 years ago

    We still continuing doing those tests in here. Not long ago we did testing how ArduCopter survives on full engine shutdowns from 25, 50, 75 and 100 meter. We did started engines after certain time was passed and tried to level up. Most of the time everything went ok...

    Except one time, our test quad fell down on a spiral after 5 tests, it fell otherside of our flying field and someone even dried to steal it. Good thing was that we had telemetry still running on it and we were able to start it's engines and see it on GCS. So "robber" dropped it on ground and ran away while we entered to recovery area. (only legs and one arm were broken after 60m fall).

    Where did it go wrong, I would say nowhere, Jose and Me are still one of the main group of ArduCopter development. Jose is the man of all new libraries and we are working on frames/efficiency etc issues here at jDrones. Ted just did not have enough time to AC project due his own AQ project. Everything else is still about the same except now we have a lot more developers on main AC group.

    ( Hmm looks like i need to change my profile pics on many forums ;)  )

  • Fab, I don't know the history of DIYDrones, but did it not always have a Store Presence for 3DR?  I've only been on this board for a year, and that's always been that way.  However, we're going way off topic on this thread, which was just to showcase some nice stunt by Patrice.

  • Ellison, I think that there has been a clear distinction in words to suggest that diyd is designed to be a uav community for ALL uav projects. The early days of UDB and AeroQuad were championed on this site to build the community not to then side line out to a single commercial entity. For some people, your view of DIYD might be a little disturbing.

  • I'm not saying DIYDrones is not objective.  I'm just saying ultimately, any web site has to be paid for by something or someone.  We should not fault DIYDrones for promoting 3DR.  

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