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  • I think you'll find the 'EagleWing' and the new 'FPV Pusher Star' are definately not the same item.
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    Uhh Mr. Bosak I can see you "like" the new Fatso... :-)

    Little more info an the Eagle wing:

    And yes it got spares.

    Strong EPO built, durable. Made by the same factory as Skywalker.

    Length: 940mm

    Wing Area: 24.8dm2
    Wing Loading: 33.4g/dm2
    Weight (approx): 700-950g

    4ch Radio
    4 x ES08A(or ES08MA) servos (for 2x Aileron, 1xElevator, 1xrudder)
    2200-3300mAh 3S or 4S Lipo Battery
    Motor: 2215 KV1100
    Propeller: APC 7060-8060E
    ESC: 25-35A
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    Twice as much servos for elevator, horrible prop efficiency, obligatory ailerons increasing assembly time, too small vertical stabiliser for the fuselage size (even worse than for estar), stupid landing gear - cmon the creators didnt even flown it once before putting on production line. Crap design in all dimensions.
  • what a fatso, it's probably so chunky because of crappy quality foam needing more bulk to withstand any kind of flight
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    They say 90% of aerodynamics is pure looks. I'm saying this plane sucks! :)
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    That landing gear has to go - LOL
  • @hooks

    Can you post some specs on the Eagle Wing? Please.
  • Quoted from original all typos and bad grammar are theirs.
  • 3D Robotics
    Ron: the main appeals would be 1) ailerons, 2) comes with brushless motor, 3) doesn't need modding to fly right (EasyStar's rudder is too small when used with a decent motor).
  • Found this on the "Pusher Star"

    "Pusher Star is specially designed for RC beginners by RICCS Electronic Technology Co., Ltd...It is an advanced trainer aircraft for the beginners. As the airplanes always are fell off becuase of the hobbists unskilled operations. So we use the stronger EPO material as the mainstay. We consider the most of the R/C enthusiasts always like flying and communicating with other RC hobbists outdoor, so we design a kind of demountable main wing. You can conveniently put it into the boot of the car. It can be easily inserted into the two side holes of the fuselage. Meanwhile we can offer the training mode radio system so that the R/C hobbyists can relaxedly and fast learn to fly from the trainer, enjoy the fun of the flying.

    The location of battery is under the cockpit of the airplane. In orde to replace the battery conveniently, our cockpit is pasted with magnet. You don't worry the battery fall off the cockpit. If you still worry, we suggest you paste both the cockpit and the fuselage with the scotch tape again.

    If you are a enthusiast of aerial photography, we specially reserve a position for installing the camera. That you need change the tawny cabin for hyaline cabin so as to enhance the its sharpness. In order to enhance the withstand wind performance, we specially select 6mm in diameter carbon rod to connect the main wing. In this way, under 5 level strong wind, you don't worry the main wing will be broken off.

    We use a single bulgy anhedral wing section for the main wing. The features of the wing are good stability and favorable glide. The main wingis used middle monowing so that the airplane can do various actions more flexibly. You can loosen the remote control after the airplane enter into the appointed air line. The airplane can still fly free. Of course, Riccs company doesn't suggest you operate like this. If you do like this, the loss caused by it, any responsibility won't be undertaked by Riccs.
    It is a expected product for the beginners. Believe it's wise to select it.

    Product Specification:
    Material: EPO
    Propeller: 8*6
    Length: 941mm(37.05inch)
    Wingspan: 1017mm(40.04inch)
    Flying weight: G(oz)
    Net weight: G(oz)

    Product Parameter:
    Motor: 2822 KV1000
    Out-runner brushless
    ESC: 20A
    Servo: 4*9g
    Battery: 11.1V/1300mAh/15c
    Balance charger: 2-3s
    Radio: 2.4G 4CH TX/6CH RX"
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