And The Building Begins

So the desk was clean but it's not anymore! I have started the building of the wings, and the construction is going good here are a couple of pictures, and more will be following shorly, especially when we get to the details in the sweep mechanics, and wing braces and supports.And for the electronic guru's - schematics are just about to be sent to the Fab house! this is going to be a awesome board.
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  • I consider the trouble worth knowing that the structure is true and straight. Glass doesn't warp, so I don't have to worry about that. It's not as difficult as many people think, I have been building models for a little more than 10 years and half of that time has been on a glass surface. I guess that I just like it better! Once the main spars are in, all is takes is a few little 2 oz weights a square edge and there's nothing to it! Plus after the Spars leading and trailing edges are in the wing is just about complete, with the exception of sheeting, glassing and the end blocks. Production is going good, and moving quickly. I wonder are there any other methods aside from building boards and wing gigs out there? If anyone has a strange and unsual way of building wings or any structure for that matter I would love to hear about it! share the Wealth!
  • I just used a few sheets of insulation foam from the local home depot / lowes - worked pretty well. How is the progress going? I found balsa + monokote to be quite a rewarding experience.
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    ...must be tricky to pull the pins back out from a glass surface(?)
  • Hi Blair,
    I know everyone has his own methods for construction, but don't you use a building board where your wing structure is nailed on with headed pins?
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