Andruav - Multiple Drones Multiple GCS Interconnectivity

This is my fourth article about Andruav. In the past few articles I talked about:

1- What is Andruav then I focused on the telemetry features in Andruav.

2- Andruav as a3G unlimited Range Telemetry and made demo on Multiwii.

3- Andruav as APM Telemetry 

Now lets get back to Andruav itself. As mentioned before Andruav is an interconnected system, it aims to connect multiple GCS & Drones together so that they can communicate and exchange information.

The first line of code of Andruav was written in Sep 2014, so it is relatively new, however there has been alot of progress since then. Now let us discuss the interconnectivity demo in the video:

Video Scenario:

The video shows how multiple drones and GCS can be interconnected using Andruav.

In the video we have:
        1- two Andruav mobiles that are mounted on two different drones.
        2- two Andruav mobiles that are GCS mobiles.

        GCS mobiles can be in two different places, states, countries ...etc. and they both can be very far from Drones.

Scenario #1:

   An Andruav-GCS connects to Drone 1 and display IMU data from it. then Drone 2 is selected and GCS mobile start display IMU data from Drone 2.

Scenario #2:

  Both GCS mobiles are connected to the same Drone. and they both display IMU data from a single drone.
Please note: both mobiles can take remote images from the drone, the preview will be sent only to the GCS that requested the image.

A Hi-Res image with GPS info will be stored and linked to KML file in the drone mobile.

Scenario #3:

   Each GCS is connected to a drone. i.e. GCS1 is connected to Drone1 and GCS2 is connected to Drone2.

Things to be notice:

       1- All drones are connected to all GCS all the time, it is the IMU data that is being redirected only.

       2- All drones and GCS can be tracked simultaneously on Google MAP of any GCS.

       3- A drone can be connected to a GCS as IMU data, while telemetry data is being sent to the other GCS.

Current version 1.0.30 can automatically distinguish between Multiwii protocol & MAVlink and optimize telemetry communication for each one.

As part of the roadmap, comming versions should be able to parse & inject packets and provide standard means of communication between different drones regardless of board type.

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  • know this is very old post but have the latest version working great with,Pixhawk in 2018 what a fantastic project. so much information is so ld now that its hard to find uptodate info. And as we are planning a 2 hour flight with a boat followimg to keep LOS.
    Will keep looking and hopefully get in touch with the god of ANDRUAV as had a year or so ago. Its taken that long to get project up configured and running. So thank you.
  • Thank you :)

  • Finally!!

    Works fine with Pixhawk.

    Thank you.

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