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Angela Merkel admires an IRIS

3689626317?profile=originalOne of our great academic collaborators, Fabio Ramos at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics, uses both Iris and Aero as a research platforms. German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the center this week,
Fabio also works for NICTA (that's the sign in the background), which is basically the Aussie version of NSF.  They are led by the very famous roboticist Hugh Durrant-White, who did the original work on SLAM.  
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  • You're making a schoolboy error if you think Mr Turnbull is stupid.

  • Excerpt from SMH article: "The expression on Malcolm Turnbull's face said it all as the senior minister hosted German Chancellor Angela Merkel on a tour of a research facility the Abbott government has cut funding to. The decision to highlight the work of National Information Communications Technology Australia (NICTA) with a tour of a Sydney facility on Monday was a source of some tension between the ­organisers of the Chancellor's visit and Prime Minister Tony Abbott's office"

  • Yeah, the guy with contempt all over his face is Malcolm Turnbull(shit).

  • lol Malcolm in the background..... will probably claim he basically invented drones soon

  • @Quazi

    Dont get me started on the NBN which dear Malcom is the head... His portfolio installed fiber in Rookwood cemetry years ago but wont install it in my suburb a few mins away where people actually live, for some unknown reason. Im still waiting for him to fire those idiots who made that decision.

  • The useless gentleman on the Chancellor's left is our minister for industry and the waste of space on her right is our minister for communications. The MP absent from the image is our minister for science, who's role was abolished as it was considered surplus to needs by the current government.
  • Malcolm is saying, "look at this amazing s#!^ we got from the Yanks the other day, Angie!"

    Angie replies, "Ach Ja, Ich hab' mein schon auf Ebay bestellt"

  • I have been described SLAM but never had the back story, quite an amazing concept. I think first understood the theory during a talk Bill Buxton had given around 2000, thanks for the links!

    Bill Buxton Home Page
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