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  • What an idiot and good for the Ram.  No reason to lower down into the Rams path.  I agree with the others that say just another video of what not to do with a "Drone".

  • New York Times Headline: "Drone Pilot Harassing Wildlife, Gets It in the End"

    In other news, "FAA Writes Pilot a Sternly Worded Letter Citing Fantasy Regulation"

  • He's lucky he didn't piss off an eagle too.  The eagle could have thrown both him and the goat off a cliff.

  • At least this seems to be Ram 2, stupid photographer / drone pilot 0.

    He was lucky he wasn't at the edge of a cliff.

  • I have experience getting too close to an animal (goose).  It doesn't end well, ever.  Now in my case, I was intending to get that close.  It was accidentally stupid.  This guy on the other hand, appears to be intentionally stupid.

  • What did you expect getting that close to a wild animal? That was a dumb move! 

  • Developer

    That Youtube channel has several "angry ram" videos. Seems the guy is tormenting the poor ram.

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