DroidPlanner fans,

Over the life of DroidPlanner, we've received many requests to add features that push the limits of autonomous drone operation. As a result, you've helped create a world class Android GCS app. We wanted other developers to be able to easily create Android apps based on our vehicles, ArduPilot flight controller, and DroidPlanner.

To that end, we've taken the last month to separate out the DroidPlanner backend to "3DR Services". Think of 3DR Services as the Google Play Services of the drone world.

We're opening up the first beta of DroidPlanner 3 built on top of 3DR Services. On the surface, this beta DroidPlanner is identical to the last 2.8.x beta release. Over the next month or so, we'll incorporate UI changes, polish, and changes based on your input.

To access the 3DR Services beta, please join the mailing list, or the Google+ community. Then, you can signup to download 3DR Services here: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/org.droidplanner.services.android.

To access the DroidPlanner 3 beta, please join the mailing list, or the Google+ community. Then, you can find the beta for DroidPlanner 3 here: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/org.droidplanner.android.

We created 3DR Services to accelerate the development of drone apps. We have a few new apps built on top of 3DR Services which we'll release early next year. We'll also be working with developers to get a new generation of apps published for your vehicles.

If you want to get started developing on top of 3DR Services, you can find more information here: https://github.com/DroidPlanner/3DRServices.

If you are interested in contributing to DroidPlanner 3, you can find more information here: https://github.com/DroidPlanner/droidplanner.


DroidPlanner Devs
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  • Thanx so much Fredia... was plodding through the wiki steps for android studio install one by one.. doesnt like Lion for some reason or at least my copy :(

         will side load post haste when the services apk available...


  • @hotelzululima duly noted!

    An apk for side loading is available for DroidPlanner 3 @ https://github.com/DroidPlanner/droidplanner/releases.

    Another one for 3DR Services will be made available soon.

  • @Fredrik, 3DR Services is the implementation of the DroneAPI for vehicle software development. For the DroneAPI web interface, there's a java shim implementation available @ https://github.com/diydrones/droneapi-java.

    That implementation is also used by the 3DR Services layer, and will be updated to cover more of the web interface as development progresses.

    Another announcement will be made in the future regarding the full DroneAPI. 

  • So, please can someone tell me, what is stopping me from creating an app without 3DR services running?

    Such as sending commands over serial port to Arduino?

    What is 3DR services going to do?

    thanks in advance

  • couple of comments..

    and .apk for side loading is needed for both 3DR drone services and droidplanner3

    Some of us for various reasons legal and otherwise(work strictures/recommendations) have to use pseudonyms when using social media.

    given that anything which breaks into that pseudo anonymity means fewer folks participating including developers who actually might use these apps.

    For now I will simply compile and link the app/.apk myself.. in the future it would be NICE to have an option to maintain SOME personal privacy without a huge amount of extra effort!

    (hell I LIKE compiling everything myself dont ya know?)


    ps. droidplanner is the cats meow! Thanx for releasing it!!

    I can't wait to play with version 3(after I setup a development environment for same).

  • @Fredia The DroneAPI documented at https://developer.3drobotics.com/

    Really great work w. 3DR Services and DP3 BTW! Thanks a bunch.

  • Bravo. The next phase of UAV development involves higher levels of integration. Solid APIs are exactly what's needed. Glad to see leadership in this area.
  • @Fredrik I'm not sure what you mean. As described in the post, the source code for 3DR Services is available on github @ https://github.com/DroidPlanner/3DRServices

  • @3DR Will the DroidAPI Java backend referenced be open-sourced as well?

  • @Euan, you can use a bluetooth telemetry bridge as the one provided by Event38: http://www.event38.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=BTB

    Also, since it's self-powered, it has the advantage that it won't drain your phone/tablet battery.

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