Announcing MAVBoard Indiegogo Campaign


I have finally got the MAVBoard to a state where I am ready to take pre orders via Indiegogo! After several revisions of the boards, I am quite happy with them and would like to take pre orders so I can get a large batch of them made.

Here is the description of the MAVBoard from the campaign:

The MAVBoard is a way to share a single MAVLink telemetry connection (the telemetry port on a 3D Robotics APM 2.X, for example) among multiple devices, such as OSDs, telemetry radios, telemetry converters or other add-on boards. Until now, the solution is to create a custom soldered cable harnesses which are difficult to make and not as flexible, since only one device can be connected to the "Tx" pin of the MAVLink connection.


I ended up splitting the design into two models: MAVBoard Lite and MAVBoard Pro. The Lite board has no AVR chip, and is simply a bus for MAVLink connections, with a jumper to select the Tx device. The Pro board contains the AVR to do telemetry conversion, as well as has several digital and analog pins (including the ones for I2C) available at the edge of the board. The board is all SMD-component based now, and the size has shrunk quite a bit from the first prototype I announced last year.

I am hoping to get at least 100 in the pre-order, but I plan to make more than that. If you sell drone/multi-rotor parts online and would be interested in stocking the MAVboards, let me know.

So, with that, please checkout the campaign and support it if this project would be useful to you!

All feedback is welcome!

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  • Any code examples for a specktrum telemetry converter on this? Something I have been thinking would at least be possible. Speckturm uses I2c for interface. The protocol has been reverse engineered 

  • T3

    So, will you be fulfilling these orders even if you don't get all the funding? That's the only thing I've always wondered about with flexible funding campaigns on IGG.

  • 3D Robotics

    Looks good! Backed...

  • Good luck with the campaign. Maybe i am not a backer but i will share this project on my Facebook. BTW please put a video asap. It is very important that people see it in action and you talk about the project. 

  • Although I own a Teensy3.1, jD-IOBoard v1.1, and a Telemetry Distribution Board by jDrones, this project has potential. Good luck and great work!

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