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Thanks to the good ideas of Gary Mortimer and others, we're now launching a Trust Time Trial contest. The idea is simple: you set up four waywaypoints, spaced 200m apart, on your own field and time your UAV completing the course. Upload the data in the comments here. Best time on Sept 1 wins (I've got a prize this month--a new FunJet kit). In the future, we'll add complexity and stricter standards to the trial, but this first one is easy: 1) Must complete the pattern as shown above, totally autonomously (go into auto mode before waypoint 1 and exit after you hit waypoint 1 again). The four points are arranged in a square, with 200m on a side (obviously the two diagonal paths are longer). Any aircraft/autopilot allowed. It doesn't matter how close to the waypoints you get, as long as you pass on the outside of them. 2) For this first one, altitude is not graded. 3) Fastest time to hit all points and return to 1 wins (one lap). Must provide GPS track with timestamps and on-board video. (If you don't have/can't afford a small onboard videocamera like the FlyCamOne 2, we'll let it go this time. But in the future: video or it didn't happen!) 4) Must also demonstrate that fun was had. Kids, picnics, silly hats, marching bands, something. GPS tracks are best achieved with an onboard GPS datalogger, like the i-Blue 747 or smaller Sanav ML-7. But if you don't have one or don't want to add the weight, you can just capture the GPS track from your telemetry stream, although you'll have to figure out how to convert it to KML format to export to Google Earth (see below). If your Ground Control System has a built-in map+track function, a screen shot of that is fine, but it should be possible for people to check to confirm that your leg lengths are at least 200m. Evidence data should include these four things: 1) Total time, along with aircraft and autopilot used. A photo of the aircraft would be nice. 2) Screen capture of path exported to Google Earth or an equivalent, annotated with waypoints and where autonomy began and ended. Here's a sample from Dean Goedde (waypoints and autonomy not marked): 3) GPS datalog file, any format 4) Onboard video, embedded from YouTube or Vimeo. [Not absolutely required but requested]
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    Blimey it was a good job I did'nt close it when I went to bed, I thought there might be some more entries! Anyhow I've just woken up and there really can't be anywhere on the planet still in yesterday.

    So the first round of the T3 challenge is closed.

    Well done to all those that entered cracking job. I will now put the coffee on and then start adding the new results!


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    Not sure how to handle the KML link properly so here is a Word file with the GPS log:

    DIY GPS log challenge one.doc

    YT Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGA-mySHPrE

    Photo of the Telemaster with PicoPilot:
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    Following is the video from the onboard camera and the required fun element...

    Link to YouTube video
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    Okay, just in the nick of time I got one more shot to fly again very late this afternoon as the wind subsided, so this is my official entry, which meets the criteria of passing outside the waypoints. I tweaked my flightplan/route for the northeast breeze to make sure it went where it was supposed to so my time was a little longer than the first run, and therefore my official entry time is 1:31.


    I am still figuring out how to link the KML file here, and I will upload the video to youtube, hopefully before midnight PST.
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    Well I would put a Piccolo on a 30% Extra and try again but it's already dark outside :-(.
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    This is getting exciting! Right down the wire....
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    I will not give up without a fight :-). Decided to take a ride to the field with the family and give it one last try, I was able to complete the course in 49.5 seconds. I did a few minor changes to the flight plan and increased the maximum roll angle to 50 degrees. Also I used a brand new LiPo pack, my last one was overheating (I wonder why :-)).

    Google Earth KML

    Paparazzi log files (for replay using the Paparazzi GCS)

    GPS log in XLS format

    Video from the onboard camera coming soon.
  • That's quite a professional looking operation! Congrats :-)

    Rusty (glad I didn't try the Mikrokopter)
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    Here is the HD version of the Maxijoker flight.

    DIY Drones Competition MaxiJoker Guided Systems Piccolo HD from jared_of_atlanta on Vimeo.

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    Holy cow! That blistering enough for you, Gary? I never would have thought that a heli could move that fast. Given that this is a potential first place finish, we'll have to review the KML carefully, but at first glance it looks very impressive! Piccolo is a great autopilot and there is probably some justice in knowing that an autopilot that cost more than all the autopilots used in this contest combined put in equally good performance.
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