Another diversion this morning..

I had an extra camera, antenna and video xmitter so, here is what I did with it.


This is my Composite ARF "Spark".  It is an electric EDF aircraft, weighs about 13 lb's, has about 11 lb's of thrust, uses's a 10s setup and draws about 94 amps at full throttle. Its easy to fly and will go in excess of 150 MPH

I taped a camera, transmitter and antenna that I had "modularized" to the bottom and took it for a flight.   I just take this assembled set of electronics and tape it onto whatever I want to fly!

I use 5.8ghz and this is just a 100 mw xmitter.

The video below was made at my local flying field. It was quite windy and I bounced around a little bit on landing and it is obvious that the nose gear leg bent a little. After this flight, i just bent it back by hand and it was ready to fly again..


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  • A fun video, thanks.

    Looks like you are ready for NASCAR with all the left hand turns! ;)


  • Can you put up some pics of how you got the camera integrated so well with the transmitter?  Looks really neat and tidy :D

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