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Another good-looking APM-based crowdfunded drone

Just went live on Indiegogo:


Maneuverable and customisable


The ERIDA drone constantly tracks where you are and follows you automatically keeping the camera on you and captures your every move.


We set out to create the best aerial photography experience you ever imagined. This means the creation of a powerful drone to provide smooth, stable flight dynamics from the moment it takes off. Our drone is also a smart one: it manages the flight in a way that you can retake creative control and focus on getting great videos. People really want great shots and they wish to take them without professional tools. ERIDA enables them to get fabulous videos easily without the need to spend years getting trained as a professional drone pilot.

The ERIDA drone has a wide range of features, from manual flight and camera telemetric controls to fully automatic takeoff, flight and landing. Enjoy filming with ERIDA!

ERIDA Gen.A video







The control of the apparatus has never been so simple!




















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  • Well I take it back then. Can you comment on the gimbal and the controller?

  • 500$ is a limited price only for 20 pieces. Regular price is 1099$ without the carbon case

  • $500 does not seem enough for a folding all carbon fiber tricopter with (2 axis) go pro gimbal that flies for 25 minutes and delivers good aerial footage. Presumably they are not developing their own gimbal controller. So what are they using? Storm32? No details that I saw. Generally light on specs. Anyway, it looks great. Unless they have extra start-up financing I cannot see how you sell this for $500. Love to be proved wrong.

  • Developer

    Looks ok to me.  Pretty copter and the price is good while hopefully not unrealistically low so the project has a chance of actually succeeding.

    One small thing is the red square around the snowboarder on the phone screen is a bit deceptive.  It gives the impression that the follow-me is somehow vision based when I strongly suspect it's GPS based.

    Leonard has started looking at the tricopter code recently (it's completely coincidental actually) and his work will likely add some polish to our tricopter support.

  • Good to know, I don't have tricopter experience. I know he likes to use airplane type motors, so the disc motors should be a great efficiency boost. I'm still skeptical on the weight of only 0.9kg.

  • @ Daniel, on the contrary, 35min is rather doable on a tricopter ;)

    I had one which flew on average 27min sometimes 30min and that was with retractable landing gear :) and a a heavy~ish gimbal + a really overkill servo which aloe weighed 50g. 

    David's setup is no where near efficient... 

  • Distributor

    Maybe they used "Random" flight mode...

  • I can't help but be skeptical of the 35min flight time. At 0.9kg with only 3 motors, it is definitely possible. However a GoPro and gimbal is around 200g minimum, so I'm sure 0.9kg without it. David Windestål's tricopter is extremely minimal and light weight, yet it is around "1100 grams (with GoPro, FPV setup and batter 4s 3000mAh)" Plus the flight time is only 15min with average flying. Unless there are some crazy tech breakthroughs they aren't sharing, 35mins is not possible.

  • Lidar? I guess they mean laser altimeter.

  • I guess this is why tri frame configuration started receiving some love recently eeeh?  And yes, tri copters make wonderful AP platforms! I had one flying for more than a year on 6s setup giving 25-30min flights carrying a 3axis stabilized gopro... I actually flew GH4 on a 3axis gimbal with it multiple times on that tri... Until one of the ESCs decided to catch on fire midflight...  So now I moved onto Y6 :) 

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