Another multicopter crash into a crowd..


So it happened again, and it will continue to happen until people realize this technology is far from mature enough to be used for such tasks.

Aside from endangering peoples lives, the public opinion created from such incidents will be very damaging and contribute to overly restrictive UAV laws in the future.

Do not fly over people, especially crowds!

Original article with crash video:

English translation:

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    walthero: Better safety checks are always a good thing, but not the point to take away from this incident. Not flying over people is the only proper solution to the problem.

  • or crap sake people this needs to stop!, Can i make a suggestion to the people who run 3dr, would it be possible to have a small paper shipped with the flight controller that says DO NOT FLY NEAR OR OVER PEOPLE OR ANIMALS

    yes it is a small thing but it may work for some people.

  • I think a wider armcheck is a good alternative for safer flying. With no possibility to disabling. 
    With efficient error messaging in MP it would be possible even for beginners to solve.

    Normally I find ARM_check rather annoying, but for safety reasons I could learn to live with it.
    Also a checklist before arming should be cleared in MP.

    For testing and configuration it should be possible to enable ARM_Testing in stead of disabling ARM_Check with maybe a throttle max sat to low to fly.

    People with knowledge to compile their own software could of course be able to bypass this security. These people are most likely not the people who crashes in crowds anyway.

    Many newbies would HATE this feature.
    That's is exactly my point ;)

  • What Oliver said...

  • We expect people who have not bothered to inform themselves and who have egos the size of Brazil embedded in squirrel-size brains to do idiotic and dangerous things. So some paparazzi-type who heard about "drones" on a Fox TV show buys a ridiculously overpriced "ready to fly"  giga-whopper-copter from some jump-on-the-bandwagon outfit named XYZ-FLIT and promptly crashes it, spewing flames and shrapnel, into the middle of an orphanage's picnic. We can't do a thing about that except the same thing we collectively do about similar behavior, throw the book at them after the fact.

    But what we can do is STOP implying in these forums that it is merely a matter of  a bit more development, maybe an extra APM as backup, or a big old klaxon horn to holler "low battery" or a better compass, etc. etc. to make it all  safe and cuddly to fly over people. It ain't going to happen anytime soon, folks, not in any form you or I will be able to afford, and anyone who has spent time around just plain old ordinary R/C airplanes can tell you why. So give it up!  Acknowledge the dangers and loudly condemn and shun those who deny or ignore them. That's our best hope of not being outlawed as a result of the actions of these a-holes.

  • Oh and the translation says the guy that protected the kids wound up in hospital so someone was seriously injured.

  • Well not sure why no one has noticed the lipo or gimbal etc breaking free and hitting rear props causing the balance shift crash, also his weak motors not being able to compensate for balance loss.


    As Mr T says.... I pitty the fool that crashes into a biker or two, cop or even just an amped up parent that may strike you before thinking. Aircraft preparation is the culprit here and why my APM is not flying until better consistency is developed. My kk2 and FF 1.3 w/baro are still more reliable and consistent at staying aloft at this point and safer. Complexity is cool but reliability is a must.

    Call it a drone and it just may act like one and hurt someone adding to the negative response by non-enthusiasts when they here the word due to conflict media hype.

  • It's verry good that is happened and of course that everybody are ok. Rules are not good enought and maby they start changing them at last. That forum should start official panel or even some kind of competition about safety in cities and try to find hardware solutions and principles of safety for users. We should make signal that we also wont do something with that problem. 

  • Makes me want to work harder on a failover controller or dual APM

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    Truer words of wisdom have not been spoken!!!


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