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IMAV 2011 is May 23-27 in Huntsville, Alabama. There are two autonomous competitions--Indoor and Outdoor.


Indoor Competition:


Like the indoor flight dynamics competition, the indoor autonomy competition is open for all categories of MAV. The main goal of this competition is to demonstrate the MAVs capabilities of fulfilling a sophisticated mission including operation inside a small building with a covered ceiling. A video transmission from the MAV to a ground station is required for this mission. All tasks must be attempted in the order listed in the paragraph below.

The mission starts at point 1 behind a wall with a height of 2.5 m preventing the operator from seeing the MAV on the mission. Having overcome the wall, the MAV approaches the door at point 2. After entering the building, the MAV has to identify two targets (printed letters/numbers) at point 3. One of them is placed on one of the building's inner walls (vertical target), the other one is placed on the floor (horizontal target). See Figure 2.

see above)


Outdoor Autonomy:


This competition is open for all categories of UAV. During the outdoor autonomy competition the MAV has to identify a horizontal and vertical target, which are placed outside of the operator’s range of sight, fly through one arch, drop a ball at a certain point and land in a predefined area.

The MAV takes off from the airfield, passes the airfield buildings and heads toward the first target area. In this area two optical targets have to be identified. Once these targets have been identified, the MAV proceeds with flying through Arch A or Arch B (Figure 5 shows the two arches and the mission points for the different gaps). Only one passing counts. The positions of the arches are defined by WGS84 coordinates. Subsequently the MAV flies to the drop zone, where it drops a ball, which is shown in Figure 6. Finally the MAV lands in a predefined area on the airfield.

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  • Bryan, as far as I know, you can take part in competition only if you represent some college or university. Or maybe some UAV company, but I'm not sure. However, it's likely impossible take part by only yourself.
  • I tried signing up for the competition and this is what they told me......


    I'm sorry to bring this up after initially telling you it's okay,
    and I take responsibility for the change and for providing what turned
    out to be an incorrect answer, but the bottom line is our competitions
    will be limited to colleges and universities.

    You are certainly welcome to register to attend, but to specifically
    compete I'm afraid you've got to be a part of an academic program.

    Again, I apologize for the miscue I provided.

    Sincerely, Paul

    Paul DiNardo
    Unmanned Systems Technology Development

  • I plan to attend to the European indoor IMAV competition in september.
  • 3D Robotics
    Gary: yep. I'll try to get out the announcement this week
  • Plans to attend
  • Moderator
    Did'nt we discus making this the next T3 Chris?
  • Thanks for information! I really would like to take part in the competition, but unfortunately I haven't an opportunity because of some reasons. IMAV makes competitions twice a year, the first is usually in the USA in spring and the second is in Europe in autumn. I will likely take part in European competition (Outdoor autonomy), which will be held in Netherlands in September this year.
  • Thank you for the heads up on this one.  I know what all my spare time will be going towards for the next few weeks.
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