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APM 1 boards, now at clearance prices!


The APM 1 board is still very popular, especially with fixed-wing pilots, but our world is moving to the smaller APM 2.x boards pretty quickly. So 3D Robotics is clearing their inventory of APM 1 boards with much lower prices. 

The full APM 1 kit is now $100 off, at $150

And for all of you with the original (and now obsolete) APM 1 1280 boards, you can upgrade to APM 1 2560, which is fully supported by modern code, for just $49 

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  • I'm sorry to ask guys, I've been away from the scene for so long.. What's the difference between the APM1 2560 and the APM2.x in terms of capability and features?


  • Developer

    by the way, when I say, "..for ArduPlane it's a lot higher", I mean the amount of free memory for Arduplane is a lot higher (which is a good thing).

  • Developer


          You can see the free memory (RAM) in the mission planner's status screen when the APM is connected to your ground station.  For Arducopter it's just under 800 bytes free of 8k max.  I'm not sure what it is for ArduPlane but it's a lot higher.  For flash (ROM) which is program space we're about 200k (256k is the max).

         Thing you've got to remember though when you look at those numbers (especially RAM) is that we tend to use up what we have because when it's not used, it's wasted .  So for example after we freed up about 2k of RAM a few months ago, we increased the size of some of the serial buffers to take advantage of the extra RAM.  My point is that from what I've seen over the past couple off years, when we get short on something, we put some dev effort into improving the efficiency.  That's how we've managed to fit so much onto such a small chip.

  • Hi Chris,

    I agrer wih Hans:

    This is a really good question !

    I suppose it will be perhaps difficult for you to provide an answer but perhaps could you please tell us :

    What is the percentage of free memory availaible today with last levels of code for APM 1 2560(arduplane and arducopter) ?

    For RAM, ROM(?), EEPROM ?

    2)Are there (today) any new functions planned on APM2 than will not be supported by APM1 2560 ?



  • Hi Chris, 

    This begs the question: How much longer are the 2560 board going to be supported in the firmware?

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