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3689420157?profile=originalWe've released APM 2.22, which has a bunch of bug fixes and improvements. MAVLink startup is now much faster and will work even if the hardware fails the calibration test. A bug in the driver for the new 5883 magnetometer is fixed. Various (mostly minor) navigation bugs fixed. MAVLink comms are also improved.


It's now available for download via the Mission Planner. Remember to go through the setup process again after loading (always a good idea after loading new code).


For those who need the source code, it's here. The next version of the code, 2.23, will have full camera control (both autonomous stabilization and point-of-interest following and a full suite of MAVLink commands) implemented.


Meanwhile, the Mission Planner continues to improve in leaps and bounds, thanks to the tireless work of Michael Oborne (subject of the next Meet the Developers post). New features that have been introduced in recent versions include:

  • MAVLink logging is now on by default. Every MAVLink connection you make will be logged
  • You can record your video! Just right click on the HUD as shown in the image above.
  • Quadcopter hardware-in-the-loop simulation now works on both Xplane and FlightGear, just like the plane HIL sim
  • Almost all APM and AC2 setup can be done via MAVLink. No need for the CLI switch or DIP switches!
  • Lots of other performance and useability enhancements.


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  • Michael.

    It would be very usefull for me having an indicator light (some circle on the screen that changes color) for a servo activity, like indicating wheels up, wheels down. In my case i wish to change every time that do repeat servo reach the value to take a picture.
    Other thing usefull could be draw a rectangle in the map for every picture (a little complex because the form varies with attitude and the size varies with every camera lens) but this can tell me about holes in the future mosaic.

  • Michael, any chance of adding 2 new controls to the Flight Data screen.

    I was testing out my Xbee range today and was a fair way out when the wind picked up higher than my programmed speed. It was at this point I realised there was no way to chage the target ground speed in mid flight.

    Also, would be kind of cool to be able to trigger the relays in mid flight as well with a single click.

    There may be some other mid flight controls that could be useful.



  • 3D Robotics
    dusl: ArduCopter (same basic code base) uses the sonar sensor, but we're waiting to evaluate how helpful it is in landing before turning it on in APM. Autolandings are already pretty good with just bara altitude.
  • can APM use sonar sensor AND how can i see the sonar altitude
  • 3D Robotics
    June, that "level" bug has now been fixed. Please upload the new ArduCopter firmware (2.0.39b)
  • Just programmed my 1280 in Mission planner,
    Great job guys, awesome stuff with the development.
    The 2.22 has solved a lot of bugs on my side.
    Thanks all
  • Tried 2.22 Sunday on skywalker, works great, only one little problem (most likely some parameter, I can't find). When plane goes in autopilot, throttle is a bit jerky to maintain airspeed (airspeed sensors also present). Maybe it is possible to make it less sensitive ?

    Yesterday I  add remzibi code to 2.22, works too, at least on table, only thing is, you must wait while APM complete boot and then turn on osd. If not, OSD shows data, and in middle of boot lost connection to APM and shows clear screen. Hopefully I will get all together this week and try to fly compete fpv system in real life :)

  • im using ac2 2.0.59beta :(

  • Developer

    The level from what ive seen does work, it just disconnects mavlink because the apm reboots. the problem is not with the planner, but with ac2.

  • Bugs still exist halfok.jpg

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