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3689465810?profile=originalGood news: the 3D Robotics store is now offering custom-molded cases for APM 2, in both top-pin and side-pin variety. They're $4.99 each. All new APM 2s now ship with these cases, included free!

They're smokey semi-transparent, so you can see the LEDs through the case. The button on the top connects to the APM 2 reset button. 

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  • Another thing, i've cutted all of the vcc and gnd pinhead of the gps board because there were touching the top of the case

  • And with the case i've got a 3d fix with 6 sat in less than 10 sec

  • I've got one with my brand new APM2 and it's a very good case.

    Thx a lot 3d for the gift <3

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    :) ok Eagle, contain your joy, gosh 3 messages in a row! I *Should* have stock next week!

  • It looks good. Hope I will get it with my new APM 2

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    What does it do except adding weight? 

    Does it affect GPS? 

    Do you just use 2 side tape now to fix it to frame? 

    Dont get me wrong, they are nice looking (agree that other colors would be nicer.. time to make our auto pilot of choice stand out) but I will get these questions for sure from customers so asking here! 


  • Purple would have been cool :)

  • What is shipped if you ordered the un assembled version? Will these go out with the AOM2 that have been ordered and not shipped?
  • Chris, my APM 2 shipped Wednesday.  Will this be with it, or do they start shipping with it next week?

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    Fluorescent orange for me, for when the inevitable happens!


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