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APM 2 out of beta!

3689405030?profile=originalI'm delighted to announce that APM 2 is now out of beta! The current version is 2.1, and is both available in the downloads section of the code repository (for those who want to play with the code), or can just be loaded as normal through the Mission Planner.

This code largely reflects a ton of bug fixes, small enhancements, efficiencies and lessons learned from preparing for and competing in the Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Competition (in which it placed 2nd). It should work well with the latest Mission Planner, HK GCS and Xplane simulation.


Huge thanks to Doug Weibel, Paul Mather, Michael Oborne, Andrew Tridgell, James Goppert and Michael Smith, who drove this version.


This version has had a huge amount of testing over many months, but as always, there may be some remaining issues or bugs on unusual hardware configurations, so if you find something, please post a report in the Issue Tracker.


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  • Doug,
    I added this line to the APM_Config.h
    #define VOLT_DIV_RATIO 16

    It now works as it should.
  • You'll need to provide more info than that.


    Please start a thread here describing in detail what issues you're seeing, what hardware you're using and screenshots whenever possible.




    EDIT: Actually, please go back to the thread you started and we can continue from there: http://www.diydrones.com/forum/topics/happykillmore-instruments-not

  • Hi Happykillmore,


    I am still having problems with no instrument response (updated to 1.2.93) is there a solution in the future for this problem?

  • Developer
    @ Old Flyer
    At this time the voltage and current divider ratios are some of the parameters that must be changed through the configuration file. They are not yet part of the parameter set that you can change thru the gcs or planner
  • DUDE!!!


    Awesome work Well done chaps!!


  • How can we set/adjust the voltage and current ratios if we are using the power sensor?

    I did not see any Command - Value in the PID Config - MAVLink for these ratios.

    I did set BATT_MONITOR to 4 and the BATT CAPACITY to 5000.

    With test > current I got:  V: 3.0685, A: 0.2077, mAh: 3.7144

    The input voltage is 13.2 VDC, Current value may be correct, A: 5.1167 @ full throttle no prop.

    I have no resistor on the voltage input.



  • The problem revolves around a bad object reference that didn't seem to appear on Windows 32 bit. I've got 95% of the issue ironed out. I'm going back and forth between 32 and 64 bit, APM and Atto and different regional settings to confirm everything is working again. 1.2.92 should be working for everyone tonight (I'm hoping).
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    Happykillmore: Whats the bug? I'm using a 64 bit Vista OS.
  • My GCS has been having some serious problems recently. I finally went bought a windows 7 64 bit computer and just last night found a bug that has been causing problems for the last month or more
  • Sorry, what I didn't see is that inside the zip are all the files, I thought that it was just the "exe" and the files to run the program... sorry :(
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