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APM boards now available in the DIY Drones store!

3689383080?profile=originalWe now have the ability to make the APM boards ourselves, so we can offer the full set of ArduPilotMega gear from the DIY Drones store. APM boards are now in stock (we'll be replenishing supply daily, so check back in a day if the current supply runs out). Starting next week, we'll be offering all-in-one packs of APM electronics.


Note that this is the new 1.4 version of the board, which makes several improvements/changes:

  • RC ports are now numbered according to RC convention: 1-8 (rather than the previous board's 0-7)
  • Now comes with right-angle connectors for your RC and servos at no extra charge!
  • New protection circuitry should make it impossible to blow out a MUX, not matter how wrong you plug in your cables.
  • Because of this new protection circuitry, the USB cable will not power the RC/servo rails. You MUST supply the board with its own power (an ESC or other power source) on the benchtop if you want to connect a RC receiver or servos. This is not an issue in an aircraft, where the whole board is powered by the RC connections.
  • The onboard regulator was replaced with a better one (more power handling, lower dropout voltage, better heatsinking). If you are supplying power directly from a battery (and removed the SJ1 solder jumper), you should supply between 6 and 9v. A two-cell (7.4v) LiPo will work fine.
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  • Hi, I've just received my APMega board from spark fun and after soldering on some pins on I discovered I have the older 1.0 board. Does it matter? Or should I have received the 1.4 board?
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    Thanks. Much appreciated!



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    How about putting the Eagle schematic and board layout for the version 1.4 APM in the DIY Drones Store APM sales description to help make troubleshooting a little easier?

    Just a thought.



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    Tony: are you using a FTDI cable or the USB cable via the IMU?

    There are no issues with the board (we've been using them for weeks), but there may be issues with your setup.
  • I'd like to wish each and everyone in the group a very speical belated Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year, and may all of you designs and ideas go gold.


    Best Regards

    Richard T Leiterman - USA

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    F11, check out MultiWiiCopter or KK board. They're just RC (no autonomy) but are cheaper and simpler.
  • Well in this small version I'm wanting to build, I don't need autonomy. I have the kit I got from Jani for that but I would like to do some more acrobatic type of training that I'm reluctant to do with the bigger one :) Also something to fly in smaller areas. Was hoping that without the autonomy I could use a cheaper lighter brain.
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    Yes. You also need a GPS or mag. If all you want is a RC quad, there are cheaper options out there. ArduCopter is a full UAV autopilot, designed for autonomy. There is no cheaper option for that that I know of.
  • So the cheapest brain for a small quad using the ArduCopter software is this combination?

    ArduPilot Mega - Arduino Compatible UAV Controller w/ ATMega1280
    ArduPilot Mega IMU Shield/OilPan Rev-H V1.0 (No pin headers)
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