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3689422427?profile=originalI spend a gorgeous morning at the field with Jason Short testing code and tuning PIDs. He was focusing on ArduCopter 2.0.40 and I was just dialing in the PIDs for the HobbyKing Bixler, which is our current recommended platform for beginners.


I think I've got them pretty close, so I've posted the config file in the manual here with the rest of the config files for standard aircraft. Just load it in the Mission Planner and write it to APM, and you're ready to go.


Here's the RTL circle:


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    This is a 2011 post you are reopening, things have moved on.

  • In using autotune, I am getting different types of numbers.  I noticed this default config, specifically, does not have anything for I and D, so I find the tune to be a bit "stiff".

    Why not have I and D values?

    Any comments on these values?


  • If I go directly to the Wiki I see this



    If I click on "Intructions" I get


    ..nothing to select under "Tuning" which is different if I use the link from your post.

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    KuntL: What do you mean? That link takes you to the top page of the manual. You then use the menu in the left column. This config files are in Flying/Tuning.

  • Something is messed up with the APM Manual Website.

    If I go to the manual and the config file via your link above, I can get it.

    If I try to go there via the standard link "ArduPilot>ArduPilot Mega Manual" on the top of the page, I dont get the link for the Config File.

  • Allan, the bixler is the same as the v1 sky surfer.  http://diydrones.com/photo/album/show?id=705844%3AAlbum%3A262851

    Hopper here did a nice little album showing how much room it has.  I made a similar electronics deck, but am also eagerly awaiting a full electronics deck with pan/tilt from the diydrones store (they have the easy star one done and bixler next!)  I also did a post yesterday showing some good landing gear.  One thing i'm going to be concerned with is possibility of different values once i get all my stuff into it: APM + all extras, scherrer uhf rx, 500mW video tx + camera, pan/tilt pod, 2200mAh battery, and the gear, things start to look heavy! (especially since i'm going to need to be mounting the battery in the back to counter the landing gear weight)

  • um dah :) sorry i never saw that thanks :)

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    Allan: I posted on it here. There's loads of room--more than the EasyStar. It's an excellent UAV/FPV platform.

  • i like this plane but Chris is there enough room to fit everything in the fuse and is it possible to take some photos of the setup please

  • I have built one plane in XPlanes, but I was actually modifying an Extra to match the Extra MX from Precision Aerobatics.  Bixler was my next planned plane purchase anyway, so I guess I should go ahead and buy one an contact those guys to try and get a model to start with.

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