APM External 10mm Leds Buzzer Module

I submitted final revision to oshpark for a board run today

the rest of the parts should arrive this week for the batch in production



Here is a video of the prototype mockup:

The board consists of :

2x 10mm super bright 20ma red & blue led's
 1x 12mm 5v active 89db buzzer module
2x .5watt 330ohm resistors (or 220ohm)

It's also capable of taking smaller smd leds also as the pad/hole spacing matches most types (may require different resistors to correspond with led used)


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  • my email is in the last picture posted email me at the gmail address and I can get a shipping qoute for you 

  • Good... How can I pay? Do you accept Paypal?

  • I can make then shorter or longer as needed I can look into shipping usually its an additional $5 to overseas destinations, I need to ship one to determine the shipping costs to usa then I can set the price shipped accordingly for a Shipped price

    so for now it would be $12 plus shipping

  • Very nice!!!! How much and how long is the wires? I´m in Brazil (CEP 89201-100 -  CEP is same as ZIP Code). You can use your national post service to ship it. They have a partnership with Brazillian Nationa Post Serviçe. Slower, but cheaper than expresses companies.

    Thanks again.

  • I have a pinned version also


    I can consider shipping unpopulated boards also (pending cost to destination)

  • I´m really interested. Can you suply only the board? Thanks.

  • Boards arrived today and the assembly begins


  • a6087968-88-P9080140.jpg?width=200started making up the cables for easy keyed connections to the apm

    black & red = arm

    blue = gps

    green = buzzer

  • looks like Seedstudio has the best prices I can find so far, for a 100 board production run

    just verifying the files are reading on their end ok and will have some available soon

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