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  • Many thanks. It  compiles now error free.  

  • Developer
    goto the project propertys > signing > and turn off signing.
  • I am trying to compile the source code but no success. It ask me for the for the file "mykey.pfx". what is this file and how do i get it?
  • Developer
    Ritchie, i will upload a new planner today with adjustable sizing.
  • Been using the planner on my desktop for ages and its brilliant but I've found a slight annoyance (nothing bad like blunt a pencil you sharpened 3 minutes ago). On a small screen like my GCS netbook (800x480) everything fits but the gridview is 60% of the screen while the map (the bit I'd prefer to be large) is 30% if not smaller. Everything is still functional but because of the size ratio adding waypoint becomes a constant scrolling battle.
    Any chance the gridview and webbrowser control could be set into a panel to have a splitter to make resizing of either as simple as dragging?
  • Hi Michael,

    You're devloping a great tool! And great improvements with each version. Thanks!
    I seem to be having the same problem as Magnus. Everything works, but I can't see the pushpins and lines.
    I think the GE layers are not showing. I read that by default the plugin does not display anything but the earth layer, do I have to activate anything, or is there a way to activate the pushpin layer? Btw, I also don't see any streetnames, but I think that's normal right?

    I have GE:
    and Plugin:
    Running Windows 7 Enterprise

    Thanks in advance!
  • Developer
    Just updated to latest like yourself, and seems to be working fine. The only thing i can think off is you might have an option set in GE to prevent some items showing? But not 100% sure on that.
  • Developer

    You do have the GE plugin as well installed?

    ive got plugin
    and GE

  • Michael,
    I tried your program but even with the latest version of GE the waypoints and lines don't show. They do blink for an instant but then go away again.

    I am using Windows Vista.
    Google Earth version
    Build-datum 1 sep, 2010


  • Yeah, i know AP's ConfigTool, i made latest US to Global elevation data change for it ;-)
    It's almost only route planning, not "configuration management" :-(
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