APM performs well at demolition

This was the biggest test so far for my 'low vibration' quadcopter. The quarry was surrounded by professional film crews so it was with some trepidation that I took to the air in 15kts of gusty wind.

The intention was to 'park' the copter in the correct position and then concentrate on camera angle but for some reason the well tested loiter didn't hold position and got blown downwind. I suspect it was just the strength of the wind or possibly  the compass getting affected by the towers. There is some indication in the tlog of 30deg shift in compass at that moment. Anyway it was all flown in STAB.

I was using a gopro 3 black on a rctimer BG.

copter build is blogged HERE.

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  • Thanks Guys.

    Danny, the rig is like this except with a ginbal and goprp hanging off the belly. I land and take off from a box to keep the camera off the floor. Motors are now MT4008-12 not the rubbish ones in the pic.


  • MR60

    nice video

  • A lot harder for an autopilot to work when there's only 1 take.

  • Distributor

    Very nice application of technology and great video.  any pictures of your setup?

    good job! 

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