APM:Plane 3.2.3 and 3.3.0beta1 released

3689591584?profile=originalThe ArduPilot development team has a special treat for fixed wing users today - a double release!

  • A new stable 3.2.3 release with 3 fixes for 3.2.2
  • A new 3.3.0beta1 release with a lot more changes for wider testing

The 3.2.3 release is a minor update to 3.2.2 with 3 fixes:

  • A fixed to relative altitude drift when on the ground before takeoff
  • fixed TKOFF_THR_DELAY to be able to be up to 127 (for 12.7 seconds)
  • fixed INS_PRODUCT_ID (it was being reported as zero)

The most important fix is for the altitude drift, which could cause a poor altitude reference if your GPS altitude drifted while disarmed. The bug showed up as a significant drift in the reported relative altitude on the ground station when the aircraft was disarmed with the EKF enabled. The root cause of the bug was a disconnect between the EKF origin and the planes origin for relative altitudes. It only happened when the GPS altitude varied significantly while disarmed.

Start of 3.3.0 beta releases

The 3.3.0beta1 release has a lot more changes in it. The largest of the changes are internal, such as performance improvements in the NuttX operating system on Pixhawk, but given the size of the changes we want as many test users as possible.

Changes in 3.3.0beta1 include:

  • a new SerialManager library which gives much more flexible management of serial port assignment
  • changed the default FS_LONG_TIMEOUT to 5 seconds
  • raised default IMAX for roll/pitch to 3000
  • lowered default L1 navigation period to 20
  • new BRD_SBUS_OUT parameter to enable SBUS output on Pixhawk
  • large improvements to the internals of PX4Firmware/PX4NuttX for better performance
  • auto-formatting of microSD cards if they can't be mounted on boot (PX4/Pixhawk only)
  • a new PWM based driver for the PulsedLight Lidar to avoid issues with the I2C interface

I'm expecting a lot more changes will go into the 3.3.0 release as we still have a lot of pending pull requests. I will be doing regular beta updates as new patches go in (once they are flight tested).

Happy flying!

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  • How about PWM RSSI implementation, is this function will be realized? 

  • And why when I upload to the same board ACM  3.2.1 baro reading is smooth within range +/-1m ?

  • After short tests it seems to me filtering of data from baro senzor in ArduPlane 3.x is different than in 2.xx. So I decided to return back to 2.xx since I still have APM 1.4. But can't find higher version than 2.77 on my local disk.

    On GIT repository there seems to be only master which is of version 3.2.3 I guess. Can somebody provide me sources of ArduPlane of version higher then 2.77 but not above 3.x?

  • Hello,

    I just installed APM 3.2.4 into my APM 1.4 And it seems to have problem with barometer altitude - when I connect to it standing at the place (no position/alt change) with MissionPlanner, on Flight Data/Status I can see the altitude changes insane. The range of changes is -50 to 50 meters. Can somebody explain me what is the problem? Other values seems to be OK (compass, accels/gyro, pittot - air speed), just the baro altitude jumps frantic.

    When I installed back the old version (I have APM on my disk 2.5) the baro altitude jumping calmed - it jumps in range -5 to 5 meters.

  • Looking forward to the next update on this :)

    Was wondering if we could have the external LED's activated though? My APM is buried inside the fuselage and having an external armed and GPS led's would be a much appreciated modification.

  • First - I know the APM 1.x is no longer supported for a long time however I have one installed in my plane.

    Does anybody tested release Arduplane 3.2.3 on APM board v1.4 ? I can compile it for the board (still enough memory) but don't know if there is some trap in the code for that obsolete board.

    For now I have loaded on it APM 2.5 - quite old and would like to test new features if possible ;-)

  • Yaw Autotune

    How far down the list is Yaw autotune. You commented a year ago that it was on the list and would probably be in the next release.





  • Was there a 'real' problem with INS_PRODUCT_ID being reported as '0' or is it just displayed wrongly?

    I'm using ArduCopter 3.2.1 on 2 PX4 pcbs where one board is showing INS_PRODUCT_ID as '0' and another as '5'. Just asking because the one with INS_PRODUCT_ID recognised as '0' had a strong drift on roll axis which resulted in a crash.

  • Finally SBUS OUT is implemented. I was waiting for a while to help one of my club mates. I am going to set Pixhawk SBUS and redundant Rx SBUS (in case, bipassing Pixhawk) to X10+ channel expander which has dual Rx redundant capability.

    I know there is some problematic issue to select which SUS signal to choose. He really want to have this capability for his F3A practice; straight flight and constant height.

  • Moderator

    What do the intermittent "do-re-me" tones indicate? It happens before a flight and sometimes in flight after launch. No messages or other indications on the MP.

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