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Anton replied to Jonas Feldt's discussion Monitoring a second battery with the APM
"Have the Pixhawk @ Plane 3.4.0. How to set it to monitor the second battery and current via MP. It seemed that it works only for one battery. I tried to play with BATT_VOLT_PIN, put the 14 and 15 values and it reads from ADC 6.6 and ADC 3.3, it…"
Nov 15, 2015
Anton replied to Anton's discussion GPS antenna auto level system. Does it make sense?
"I think it will be better but not solving the problem on 90 deg rolls."
Oct 25, 2015
Anton posted a discussion
If to fly at low roll and pitch degrees, the GPS always looking to the sky very good. But when the airplane going for example to the 90 degree roll, then the GPS position now is at the horisont but not at the sky so the data I presume will be very…
Oct 24, 2015
Anton posted a discussion
Hi.I am using the software elevon mixer in the ArduPlane and the problem is there is no maximum servo travel limit like EPA (End Point Adjustment) in any transmitter to ensure that the servo don't go above the limit to not brake the mechanics.I…
Jul 27, 2015
Anton posted a discussion
To the developers for the future releases.I would like to see the parameter in MissinPlanner that configure the time from when I press the safety switch to arm/disarm. Something like SFT_SW_DELAY in milliseconds, range 0-4000.The reason I want this,…
May 24, 2015
Anton replied to Coty Wood's discussion Should I go ahead and maiden or not? Pixhawk oddness
"The same issue..."
May 23, 2015
Anton replied to John Moore's discussion Onboard 2.4 GHz WIFI router for telemetry and video?
"So theoretically we can add high power RF modules and get long range. Another question - is it possible to get from this system Video, Telemetry and Servo control transmission with acceptable letency?"
May 15, 2015
Anton commented on Andrew Tridgell's blog post APM:Plane 3.2.3 and 3.3.0beta1 released
"How about PWM RSSI implementation, is this function will be realized? "
May 15, 2015
Anton replied to Anton's discussion Computer don't see the Pixhawk
"No, I did not figured out what was wrong with mine, I send back the Pix to the seller."
May 5, 2015
Anton posted a discussion
How the altitude estimation in Arduplane works with analog connected rangefinder (SF02F) on board on the altitudes covered by the rangefinder. Does the Pixhawk gets the altitude data from the rangefinder or other sourse - baro, GPS? I need to do…
Apr 24, 2015
Anton posted a discussion
I have an issue with configuring my flying wing setup with the Pixhawk on APM Plane 3.2.3. The flying wing has two elevons (green) and additional two elevators (red).I want that the elevons works like they should in standard setup and additionally…
Apr 22, 2015
Anton replied to Anton's discussion Computer don't see the Pixhawk
"That is what happening.
Is this hardware or software problem? Is this bootloader problem? How to reconfigure anything from zero?
What should I do?"
Mar 15, 2015
Anton posted a discussion
Hi everyone.Got my Pixhawk but the PC do not see it. When I plugged it in to USB, the Pixhawk seemed to me gets alive, but the PC don't see the device, don't installs any drivers. I tried at two PC's and tree OS (Win 7, 8.1, Linux Mint), Mission…
Mar 14, 2015
Anton replied to benbas's discussion Servo travel bigger than in Manual Mode! ArduPlane v3.1.1 in ArduPlane User Group
"I have a similar problems. No solution found."
Sep 21, 2014
Anton left a comment on ArduPlane User Group
"To developers:
Some bugs found, described here
Aug 12, 2014
Anton posted a discussion
Hi to the developers.I want to share some experience of using the APM Plane system. There are some things I don't like.Incorrect End Point working of the elevons in the STAB mode and I presume in the other modes tooVideo №2 shows.I have setted up…
Aug 12, 2014