• Hello check my blog post for just cheap telemetry

  • Would like to post the optimal confitureat

  • Has anyone tried the Ubiquiti TDMA ?  How does it compare to 5.8GHz WiFi ?

  • And yes it does video,servo, and motor control
  • Yes that's exact right.
  • So theoretically we can add high power RF modules and get long range. Another question - is it possible to get from this system Video, Telemetry and Servo control transmission with acceptable letency?

  • Here is a video of the system:


    Long Range HD FPV + Telemetry over WiFi <50ms Latency!
    The Long Range Telemetry + HD Video/Audio is a portable device that allows you to use your tablet, smartphone (yes even iOS), or laptop
  • You don't need a pi anymore.

  • Dear All..

    This is also the approach I am looking at as well ..  I am a WISP and have towers all over town..  Mostly 5.8 stuff..  These radios are amazing.. You can expext line of sight 5 miles easily..  And another nice thing about the 5.8 vs 2.4 is latency..  much lower..  Here is a good setup on the ubiquiti..  Narrow your bandwidth to 10mhz this will punch more power into a narrower beam and get your distance and no interference..  also enable channel shifting and pick a frequency no one is on..  say 5450 ..  stay out of the 5750 to 5800 .. or jump up above to 5810 .. this is howa I run my backhauls between towers.. and to clients..  you can get a olid 65mbs link easy.. plenty to run hd video telemetry.. etc..  Ubiquiti also sells a serial to ip device..  shouldnt be 2 hard to convert rs-232 to ttl using say a max chip ..

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