[UPDATED to 2.0.7: we had a serious issue with serial connectivity and APM2.x and FTDI, it now fixed. All users that download 2.06 will be notified automatically of the new release]

APM Planner 2.0.7 has been released. This is the first official stable release of AP2, which is the cross-platform (Mac/Windows/Linux) ground station/setup utility for APM/Pixhawk-based UAVs.  Here's a list of features

APM Planner 2.0.7 Release Notes

Here’ the first official release of APM Planner 2.0.
  • Auto Update. new stable versions will be notified automatically.
    • will add a feature to also add daily builds to this.

Flight Data View
  • Real time monitoring of telemetry information (Quick View & more detailed Status View)
  • Real-time control of UAV
  • Message view tat shows PreArm warning messages
  • Primary Flight Display (HUD)

Flight Plan View
  • Waypoint editing
  • Saving and Loading waypoint files
  • Map Vendor selection

Initial/Config & Tuning Views
  • Full Configuration of APM:Plane and APM:Copter (APM:Rover is a work in progress)
  • Reworked Battery Monitor setup where you can select known presets
  • Parameter Download for known frame types
Graph View
  • Real-time plotting of MAV link telemetry values
  • Dataflash Log analysis
  • Value are plotted on a range that is scaled automatically
  • Values can be group on in same range (up to 4 groups)
  • Ranges can be set manually
Terminal View
  • Allows access to the APM CLI Interface
  • Used to download Dataflash logs (MAVLink downloading of logs coming soon)
  • Option to convert logs to KML format for Goole Earth view.

Known Issues:
  • Google Maps shows only outlines at some zoom factors
  • When switching between APM:Plane/APM:Copter/APM:Rover restart is required
  • Multiple MAV support is not fully tested and is a work in progress

more detailed issues can be found here
For support please post here first APM Planner Support Forum
Going forward
  • Improve support for Google Maps
  • Improvement of Waypoint editing to support specific APM waypoint types
  • Automatic grid pattern generation
  • Incorrect warning on windows install about installing Win C++ 2008 redistributables (just ignore, click OK)

Enjoy: and please report any issue you have, the next stable update is scheduled in about 2 weeks. We want this to be continuous improvement on that schedule.

Thanks AP2 Team.


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  • Great work being done here !!!!!

    Did anybody try to compile under Linux (ARM Architecture)

    ........more specific on a Odroid U3 ?  (quad core ARM Mini computer)

  • @Bill I manually updated so i didn't see the auto update message, sorry.

  • where i can get the linux version????

    thanks for the hard work

  • @Bill. I'm going to test the TCP soon. One small thing, i did config the TCP in test mode, menue open, pressed connect, i was getting an error (no quad, nothing unusual), but the error-window was behind(!) the config window and i could not press ok (with the mouse) ... win7/64 ... best c.

  • @Bill: I just opened my APM 2.0.6 on mac, but I didn't see the auto update message so I performed a manual upate.

  • Developer
    @Dave: can you confirm that you received an auto update message? Or did you download manually? Thx.
    (Note: linux user will be notified of an update, but they will have to manually source. We are getting closer to a debian version, hopefully the next release)
  • Thanks for the update Bill, 2.0.7 fixed my connection issue. 

  • Is there an option for feet instead of meters?

  • @ Bill, thanx :)

  • Developer

    You can add values to the Info View below the HUD. Just double click on it, and you can see all the messages from MAVLink. But you are correct the the MAVLink radio message is not showing up. I'll fix that for the next release.

This reply was deleted.