APM SketchUp Model

I haven't found a 3D model of APM for download anywhere. So I made it on SketchUp. I used Eagle Up to generate the boards from eagle. It's still missing some parts but the connectors are there, fell free to help complete the board.



The models for the MediaTek GPS, and Xbee, are on this collection: Ardupilot Mega SketchUp Collection.

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  • Does anyone have a solid model or 3D model of the new purple APM v2?

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    Exported to autocad 2007:

    APM (dwg 2007)

  • For everybody's info, Paul and my tests with .wrl (VRML) format doesn't seem to be successful either, so far.

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    Nicely done!

  • Paul, I had a try importing the file you have there, but for some reason my SW2010 just hangs on the parsing file window.  It's a big file, but I've imported similar sized files before in other formats a lot more quickly, so I don't think I'm being impatient.  Any chance we could try first with something simple, like just a square box with a couple of random extrude-cuts or something?

  • @Andrew -- I exported the APM drawing to wrl format, which should be the same as vrml according to SketchUp.  Let me know how it works.

    Click HEREto download.
  • Sigh!  Not even babel3d can get it into Solidworks :(

    If anyone has a full version of Sketchup, they can export to .VRML format and SolidWorks can import that.  I don't know how successful it would be, but if anyone wishes to beam me a file to try, I'll give it a go and report back?

  • I haven't tried it yet and will later this afternoon, hopefully, but here's a 3D geometry translation service on-line if someone wants to have a go.
    Please make the final files you generate with this publicly available, if you can
  • Very nice model indeed!

    There is another 3d model of APM/Oilpan and a few other things at in Solidworks and STEP/IGES format. Not as detailed of course, but dimensions are accurate and sufficient for a quick mockup.

  • this is cool guys :)

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