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As we are rapidly approaching the official release of the Albatross line of aircraft, we thought there would be no better way of saying thank you than by giving away a free airframe to someone in the community. As such we have decided a design contest is in order for the best paint scheme, with the winning designer receiving a free airframe incorporating his/her design.


We'll do our best to get the livery as an added color scheme option but thought this would be a good way to engage the community as we get ready for the release and getting this aircraft into your hands.


The contest is open as of this posting and will finish on November 10th. The designs must be possible from a production and manufacturing perspective (painting/vinyl). There must be an emphasis on orientation and visibility (i.e., contrasting colors), meanwhile maintaining an appealing and good looking aircraft. In that, we are excited and can't wait to see what you all come up with and to get the airframes out to you.

** We are looking for a color scheme that is highly visible, and good with orientation. Conventional aircraft paintjobs are preferred, but we will consider everything. We will accept ANY format. We encourage every design, no matter your artistic ability! If you need to print out the templates, color with crayon, and email us a picture, we don't mind, after all it is the design that counts! So send us your Illustrator, PNG, BMP, JPEG, MS Paint, or even hand drawn design, we will gladly take it into consideration! Ideas can either be emailed to us via the email provided below, they can be uploaded to this blog, or any other contest related posting we have made on other websites.**


Let the designs begin, we look forward to seeing them!


The Applied Aero Team

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  • Yes I am. However in all fairness to Justin, my ATD Cyclops issues are not what this thread is about. Feel free to contact me directly if you have other questions.

  • @John Smith, are you ATD?
  • Justin, I'm not sure what you are talking about on a foam plane; Ricky claims he doesn't do those other than my Cyclops E planes. (Who knows for sure?) As for making the planes, No real issues for the most part. As for the Composite version of my plane and yours was what the subject was I thought. Never-the-less, I did my homework and have found 4 other vendors to do mfg. for the composite and we are actively working through the issues to get resolution. I'm not sitting idle on a 300% increase. That level of increase makes it more than likely to bring the Mfg. back to the USA.


  • Interesting. So you guys aren't using him for this?
  • @John Smith - Actually we have had no issues with Ricky Ng in our dealings with him. We spent some time going over catapults with him in the past. He spent considerable time prototyping our in house designed versions. That's unfortunate if your experience was different. He was however integral in our prototyping and development phase. Many versions were built under his direction and his knowledge was great from a production standpoint. He is a likely candidate if we should build a foam-based plane in the future.


    The Applied Aero Team

  • Yes Ricky Ng as he ca;;s himself. He did a 300% hijack increase on me.

  • @John Smith Wait a second, are you talking about the Ricky I think you are? Out of China?
  • Hi Guys, do you perhaps have a direct email contact address? Please send it to Domain Homepage
    The Domain Homepage - contains pertinent and detailed information specific to South African domain registrations
  • Hey Dan, It is not really a volume issue, we could manage that. It is currently a cost per unit issue. We need the cost inline with with everything we have been trying to achieve all along. Everything was in line regarding cost, until the final days of ramping up production, when our manufacturer decided they would like to renegotiate.

  • Hi guys, thanks for the update. I would strongly encourage you to continue to update as frequently as possible. To be honest, I had kind of given up on this figuring it was never going to happen.

    If the issue is with volume, perhaps it would be best if you ran a preorder?

This reply was deleted.