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Because E-Flight Apprentice RC is very popular airplane and the fact that you can buy any replacement part for it I decided to design a 3D printed kit that would turn it into a Drone. The kit blends perfectly with the wing, it gives you easy access to the electronics from the top and also increases the wingspan by 3 inches. I am using the APM 2.6 but it could be used with any other autopilot, there is plenty of room, on the front I have a grill to let the air cool off the electronics and also a flat spot to install your GoPro or any other camera. I will have some kits available soon but you can also do it yourself, 3D printed frame available at

Appreciate any comments.


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  • Hey Alex, I know it is just a piece of plastic, I am making only $10.00 which I think is well deserved based on all the time I spent on this project (the rest is what shapeways is charging),( as you can see I am not trying to take advantage of anybody); reminding you also that this done on laser machines using powder ( if I had $50.000 to buy one of this machines I would be able to sell for lot less for sure), I really doubt that you can get this kind of resolution using filament.

    Just so you know one of the places I quote this project asked me $289.00...really crazy, that is a rip off for sure.

    I will let you know if i decide to make the STL available. Thanks anyways for your interest on the project.

  • I'd like to see a kml file of a grid way point file mission to evaluate how well your parameters are tuned.  But just knowing the default values will fly it gets me started.  I have one but don't like the ASX3 since you can't go full manual.  However, it is great for training starting pilots.  I don't think I need any parts.  I am just ripping out out all the spectrum stuff and putting Pixhawk in it's place.  

  • I understand that the price is steep guys, but believe me I am trying hard to see how I can do this cheaper, unfortunately 3D printing is still very expensive, I really wish it could cost $40.00 to print this... I will lower the price to $129.00, but unfortunately this is the best I can do until I figure out other options to make it.Thanks for your comments 

  • $139 FROM SHAPEWAYS is wat to much. How about ofering the stl file at les than $10

  • Marcus, I am using the default parameters, seem to work fine 

  • Chris I have the airspeed sensor about 17" from the center of the frame, is that good enough?

  • Do you have a well tuned parameter file you can share?

  • Moderator

    Nicely done you are not alone in thinking its a suitable airframe, Precsion Hawk uses its wings and tail feathers.

  • 3D Robotics

    Impressive! Have you found a good place for the airspeed sensor?

  • Thanks guys, I will let you know Vernon

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