25420.jpgThis is a new product that Hobbyking is selling. It more or less resembles (IMHO) the AR.Drone frame. The motors are place in the center of the arms and the propellers are protected by EPP foam rings.

The 450mm width is measured motor shaft to motor shaft. The actual size of the frame is 835mm which makes it quite big.

To complete this quadcopter you will need 4 motors and 8-10 inch propellers, 4 esc's, a quadcopter control board and a 3S 1300-1800 mah Battery. I think even a bigger battery should work.

The frame is yours for US$ 22.49

More information on the Hobbyking site: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=25420&aff=5361

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  • this frame is very sensitive to the wind, I was not able to find a flyable settings with APM 2.6 in medium wind condition. With no wind is just excellent in all modes

  • If someone just made light foam rings they could make a killing.  

  • I saw some frames with protection (I'm thinking of getting one), wich are a more expensive, but look to have some quality. The design is great too, it reminds me of starship Enterprise :D http://safeflightcopters.com/multicopter_kits take a look. I came across with it in one of the posts somewhere.

  • Ok now its time for Ar Drone type flight controller with builtin camera and image processing capabilities .... :D

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    I do like the idea of some enclosed blades for indoor flying, and for protection against the "lawnmower effect" in case of quad/human contact.

    I checked shipping to California, it's about $28.

  • I saw that and was initially interested, but IMO it looks like crap, and apparently costs over $50 to ship, so I'm not really sure the point is.  

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